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Expo News 4th October


In today's news post I go on a factual rant providing evidence and explanations that will hopefully stop people making bad decisions with their betting. I've also added some other news at the end of this post.

What I'm working toward with Exponential Bet is to publish content daily and weekly to help people succeed at betting.

Whether using services available here or elsewhere, I don't care. I mean this, as I don't mind if you take the information available here and apply it elsewhere, because if it helps you to do well that's all I want.

I have been in this industry now for approximately thirteen years in total with a gap in-between, and as much as technology advanced and the way we can make money using software, the overall mindset and approach to setting up your betting campaign has not improved.

I see the same mistakes again and again that I witnessed when I first started betting and using Betfair. I take my part of the blame for this, as I should have done more over the years providing more free information and published content more frequently.

Without the right mindset and banking advice it can leave people exposed to make daft costly mistakes and have unrealistic expectations. Everything that most of us had at the start of our betting journey.

If we're honest with ourselves most of us would have found the Betfair Exchange or some strategy on the net at one point when starting out, and thought 'this time next year Rodders we'll be millionaires' (Only Fools and Horses reference for those outside the UK).

The reality of betting and what is promised with betting strategies is in most cases the complete opposite of what people expect, but that's not to say the betting strategies do not work or have potential for long term profits regardless of who is selling them. There are some great services and advice out there available to people to learn and utilise.

The way the industry sells itself I feel is mostly to blame, and it seems to purposefully thrive on unnecessary aspects of sport and factors that are largely unimportant, which combine to make people think they can get rich quick, and therein lies the problem.

What is off kilter is the theory and reality gap, and of course the lack of guidance to get started properly from a monetary stand point.

I don't know why they don't teach kids early on in school the true value of money in the classroom, and how to invest properly, this is something I'll never understand.

They should do this from an early age and I guarantee we'd have people doing a lot better in life financially, which of course has a trickle down positive effect. I wish I'd had that in school, and I know it would have helped me be further on from where I am today.

The same applies with betting, my speciality subject, so I need to do my bit and provide clearer instructions and guidance to help people be further on and help them avoid unnecessary errors.

Over the coming months I'll start adding video guides covering a range of betting related topics to address this, and also to give step by step demonstrations on the set up process using my services at Exponential Bet.

The goal is to minimize the unfortunate pattern I see repeating again and again.

I want to give people the best chance of success armed with the tools, data, and confidence to know they are in the right place at the right time, set up correctly, and with a long term plan they feel in control of with a good understanding of how everything operates.

I do not want members feeling out of control with no understanding of how the services work, and up shit creak without a paddle.

I know for a fact some members feel like this and these are the members that panic and quit when they are set up incorrectly with no long term plan at the first site of any losing bets.

This has to stop. I should provide the information and assistance to make sure my client base at the very least have a 99.9% knowledge and competency score for money management and investment planning.

I take this on the chin, and have challenged myself to go above and beyond and create the most comprehensive video library covering betting mindset and staking advice. With a hand holding pathway to using the services at Exponential Bet.

Start to end getting started with my strategies, with every step covered in detail and clarity using video demonstrations.

The past few months has seen a large uptake of new members, which has been great obviously, and I have spent time with the majority making sure betting banks are allocated properly.

These members are in contact with me when they need any advice, and knowing they are set up right using the service that suits them is what I want for everyone.

As it's not been the most prolific fortnight betting I know some of the original older members who don't contact me as much have been dropping off, and I know it's due to having the bot settings too high, or a bank not allocated properly.

This is part of the reason for today's news post, as I'd like to send a message to everyone to make sure you all have the right outlook and bot configs.

Please have a look at the example below as this is typical across the primary services, such as Place Betting, Sure Favs, Racing Lays, and Bet Focus.

The trend shown below is consistent with the varied style of each primary service, each with their own characteristics of course, but the theme and pattern remains the same from members.

If you're not achieving the same results or points values with any of the services please consider contacting me and I can check your settings.

We many need to reset your bet balance, check your bot settings, and restart your betting again with a long term plan that will suit your betting and meet your expectations.

If you've just joined recently and if you haven't already then please get in touch with your staking set up, and ideally a screenshot of your bot screen showing how you have it configured.

I'll double check your settings and give you the thumbs up or advice if needed.

It's these things that I will ensure are available from the start and make available on the pages at Exponential Bet over the coming months, with a website redesign make the set up process a breeze.

My email is if you would like my advice on your staking, bot settings, or what service options are right for you using any of the strategies.

Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalise on what comes.

It's a fact September overall was not the best month for betting we've had so far.

However, none of the services put any balance in jeopardy or went anywhere near stretching the allotted points set up.

In fact only a couple slightly increased previously reported drawdown levels.

The remaining strategies historically hit higher drawdown points and recovered any dip, to then go on and have a winning period that pushed the balance above where it had previously been before the dip.

This means as much as September was not our best month, it was definitely not our worst, and the results reported have weathered a lot more losses to achieve the profits shown.

What happens during these periods unfortunately is that a small percentage of members following the services have balances set outside their comfort levels, they are not prepared as advised for any downturn period, and this causes them to stop betting.

The sad fact widely known is the second a person quits they are instantly out the game and have no chance of recovering any losses, and then unable to achieve reported profits further down the line.

Anybody can decide to join or leave at any time, that's important to have that control with my membership system, but I'm not talking about this I am referring to members leaving because they don't know the value of a point, or have the Ratchet set up wrong, or they should be using a different bet type based on their monetary stake value, and the list goes on.

It's these things I want to eradicate asap as I want everyone returning the same wins and losses, with a bank set up in a way that's right for you.

For most members this is the case, but a percentage I know from looking at the bet history and transaction data they are not set up right, and for one reason or another are not responding to my messages or content, so hopefully today's long rant on the subject will prompt some action.

It doesn't make a lot of sense to me personally to come and go when the value of sticking at it over the humps and bumps is there to see.

I often see the same people return when the going gets good again after quitting , but that to me is just chasing losses. All the things I try to avoid at Exponential Bet.

In the example below you can see Place Lay Multi operating Exchange Straight staking:

The red line tracks the month by month points profit and loss showing ten months betting, nine months making a profit, and one losing month in May.

It's interesting to see the line of growth corresponding to the month by month numbers.

Each month started differently and has unique betting patterns, with July specifically being a good example.

The first part of July we took a significant dip, and have taken many dips along the betting path which is shown in the graph that's updated for all services weekly.

After the drop in points over July this was then followed by the start of what would be one of the biggest balance increases for the service. It shows a very steady upward curve to early September.

I've drawn red downward lines on the graph below showing each significant dip over the timeline, showing the degree of the dip with more of a slant and longer line taking more time.

Let me tell you a secret about the membership trends at Exponential Bet, as this relates to every betting strategy that follows the same up and down trajectory over time, which they all do. In fact this relates to the betting industry as a whole.

The betting industry and gambling related services is full to the brim with people who have unrealistic expectations, bad gamblers, and I am on a mission to try and help these people find a better way to profit from betting, or put them off betting forever if that means they will make more money elsewhere.

Betting using Place Lay Multi over the recorded betting period above returned over +400 points profit.

This is exchange betting I realise and returns will vary per member given market liquidity, but even the BSP option that guarantees the same results, this made +137 points profit across ten months, and that's with a drawdown of -36 and allotted 200 points bet balance.

As investments go that's pretty good by anyone's standard over such a timeline, and with BSP that allows for large stake amounts / investment balances that's also appealing for people with fatter wallets.

Using the graph above which applies to the same BSP graph as it followed the same trajectory, but every red line above signifying a dip in form where the strategy made some loss.

This loss could last a day, week, or weeks, and regardless of the results that show a solid set of performances, with advice on staking to make sure you're betting safely, we had members cancel and leave the service at each of these shown dips above, and this applies to all primary services where a dip is followed by a run of winning bets.

Everyone should be betting with money they can afford in the first place allowing the balance to flex and absorb losses as part of the natural flow of running a betting strategy.

Some members who left at each of these dips had made money so far but upped stakes when the going got good, didn't think ahead, while others just have a punters mentality not an investor mindset. Honestly the list is endless from the messages I receive during any of these periods.

My message is to have a long term plan and you will hit the high points with the betting. The evidence for this is recorded in the results showing this before you join.

It's up to you when you join or leave, but I'd rather you didn't waste your money if you've not invested money you can afford with your bank set up properly to allow for losing periods.

I am sure you can you notice after all but the very last red line I've drawn on the graph above, which is the most recent dip up, there has been a significant increase in wins and the balance recouped all previous losses with a profit. This is certainly no fluke.

This happens time and time again with this place betting service and the other primary services that have shown consistent betting patterns.

Sadly, people decide to join and at the first site of any loss in succession they stop the bot or adjust staking as they haven't budgeted, and then subsequently miss the profit that follows.

I'm telling you this because I'm frustrated to see people not manage a balance properly and return the profits I record.

Most members are set up for the long term and they are getting the same numbers, but I know I could convert more people to this way of betting, with the benefit obvious and there to see.

The only members that will achieve the same reported profits exactly are those who use BSP obviously, but even members following the Exchange options will be winning and having the same wins and strike rate.

Anyone that gives up at the first run of losing bets hasn't looked at the results properly, and set up the bot according to my recommendations.

It's annoying for me to see people give up, then we hit a nice win run but I know they finished in the minus. I lose sleep at night over this stuff.

I just don't see any logic in it when the information is made available.

There will be a lot more guidance on this provided soon in video format as mentioned above, both pre joining and after showing how to get the most from staking and the bot.

What we have now is transparent data showing clearly we don't always have it our own way, and as such anyone hoping to get the same result needs to factor that in, so anyone joining or thinking about it please consider this fact.

Some strategies have more bets and higher strike rates keeping the win and loss periods closer with less swing in the balance, whereas others like Bet Focus bet on the higher odds range of the market, and that will have larger swings in the balance.

History tells us that it doesn't take much of a win run to propel the profits upward for that strategy.

Using Place Lay Multi in the example above you can see that overall it wins more than it loses, which makes it one of the most popular for members and why I'm using it in this example today.

I don't know any other strategy in operation anywhere that runs itself automatically, and has recorded the profit levels within the drawdown and recommended points allocation as safely as Place Lay Multi.

Dipping in and out of any betting strategy not knowing what to expect is literally pointless, so please take your time to think about how these services will operate over the months not days.

There is no drama and each of them regardless of performance is operating within recommended points, so just let them run and you will find out over the years how much profit you have banked.

Either way you have put money in you can afford and it is an investment, you should not be betting your mortgage or food money, so relax and stop fiddling with staking or stopping and starting.

All the services are designed to make money over the years, none are get rich quick.

They are designed to be long term betting investments, Exponential Bet is not a tipping website, so please do take this in to account before joining and deciding to run these services.

If you want to know the best place to start and get advice on your staking and bot set up, just email and ask me.

You will find when I'm not having a rant in the blog like today I'm a very approachable and a helpful person, and someone who only wants each member to be set up correctly to achieve long term decent profits.

Not all of the strategies available will reach predicted profits over the recorded betting periods, but at least 40% will far exceed projections, with the remainder still finishing in profit.

As stated in recent updates I will begin adding in depth analysis with regular video content covering the automated services once in the new office.

I received good news about getting access to this (at last) yesterday so this shouldn't be much longer.

Once set up again I can delve deep into the strategies and individual betting patterns, look at the progress so far and demonstrate what I'm explaining here in a lot more detail, look at where we are with each service at the moment, and what is required to reach or exceed target profit.

I'll be streamlining the information available and services, as it means we can allocate more funds and attention on the investments that make us the most money, and develop the handful of opportunities in operation in order to increase overall performance.

Never Knee Jerk

To succeed it's very often about being in the right place at the right time, which is not in most cases a matter of luck, in fact it is rarely anything to do with luck at all. It's having a plan of action you stick to while other waver and fail.

The only way you are going to do well with any investment is to take a longer term view, and be set up correctly from the start preparing for the worst to achieve the best.

As an experiment to give a wider view of things, if we look at a very broad example to demonstrate where we are right now with all the published results that operate Flat Staking with no Ratchet.

We could total up the Points Profit, the Drawdown, and the Recommended Points Allocation numbers for every strategy, and betting option available this is how it looks.

Points Profit: 4087.48

Drawdown: 2862.63

Recommended Points: 8100

The main point I'm making here, is that with everything turned on and operating with a 1 point per bet set up and correct points allocated, we're working well within the points safely and showing a profit overall,

The drawdown has not broken the bank for any of the strategies, and all are included, even the ones not showing a profit or performing well at this time.

This is every strategy option that is possible to run included in these numbers, which requires a couple of Betfair accounts.

For example a lay betting Exchange Straight option doesn't have BSP included here as it's not technically possible.

Target Profit has been recorded for just the MTP option as it doesn't have a BSP function.

As such both the drawdown numbers and allotted points banks for each that have been bundled in are included to demonstrate the balance of performance and the safety levels.

This isn't showing the journey of the betting process, nor is it showing the strategies that are not making a profit and those that are doing very well and in profit, this is a lump everything together exercise as if you were doing as I do and run it all concurrently.

This is the total invested, the highest drawdown point overall, and how much profit made from an investment with total risk recorded to date using the recommended points.

It's definitely not what I recommend to do, as I suggest finding the strategies that suit your bet style, and also a couple of the strategies included here are still undergoing analysis and development, but this is my bottom line points number as I run everything at once each day.

It is not my monetary bottom line as I allocate different financial values to each strategy and the betting options available, but that's for another post.

It's quite an interesting exercise to perform though, loading it all in like this as it answers a lot of questions, but the primary one being that if these strategies are set up as advised they are both profitable and operate with extreme safety.

You might think it's a tad overkill with the point allocation for the strategies, as this is my level to operate at where you are detached from the daily, weekly, and monthly betting activity so you can approach the strategies as truly long term investments over the years.

The more you reduce the points allocation to bring them down so your value per point increases from a monetary perspective, you will get closer to the amount that affects your judgement when we hit inevitable dips in form.

I'll cover this in more detail when I recommence my video content, giving examples of how the balance will travel up and down over time.

The point I am making here is the safer you can set your staking within your comfort levels the better your decision making operating the services.

In fact, the way I have mine set up there is no decision making required other than to withdraw any profits periodically for the Ratchet options, and then bi yearly reset the entire overall bet balance for the flat stake options to withdraw all profits and account for any losses to give me my bottom line.

This means that any losing months or longer are very well factored in to the operations of the strategies, with the knowledge they will naturally occur, but also knowing we will have long periods where the balance builds and spikes to new profit highs.

These occurrences are there to see for yourself in the results showing the periods where the balance drops over varied lengths of time, to where it hits a period of winning bets and we see growth where the investment recovers and moves to a higher level than previously recorded.

It's about budgeting correctly from the start to be able to reach the reported profit high points.

In Other News...

The results for all the Automated Betting Strategies are fully updated including Ratchet, and Month by Month numbers.

I have also added Totals to the Ratchet figure to make it easier to see at a glance how they are doing over their periodic timelines.

To examine any results please visit Exponential Bet, select Betting Strategies from the main menu, and then from the drop down choose the service you wish to look at in more detail.

Lay Dutching and Bet Advantage for some time over a period of months have been merging all the betting options included into one.

I'll keep things as they are up to the end of this betting year, as it gives me time to show an upturn with the two services, but from June 2022 they will have just one betting option in the bot, and I will need anybody following these strategies to switch to it.

I'll include information on this nearer the time and email all active members for the services directly to inform them to reset the bot.

I thought I'd mention it now as you may notice the monthly results for each option have started mirroring each other for the past few months.

The In Play Bet Club I'm excited to reveal will commence later this month, as my office move that's taking longer than I'd like is now starting to pick up pace.

I have a long list of people interested in me placing live in running bets for them using Cloud Bet Bot so you control your staking, and I can't wait to get started.

If this is something you're interested in and you haven't already registered please email me with Cloud Bet Bot In Play in the subject line, and I'll write to you when this is available.

That's it from me for today, I'll get the results up to date this time next week with the next Expo News.

In the meantime I'm busy using BM and tweaking the In Play Club while sorting out the new office space. I'll be using the temp office for about three months until I move again to my permanent base, but I can do a lot in a few months.

Thank you for reading today.

I know it was a long one, but I hope you found it interesting, and if you do need any support with your bot set up, staking, or money management using these services please let me know.

Best Regards


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