Expo News 4th October


In today's news post I go on a factual rant providing evidence and explanations that will hopefully stop people making bad decisions with their betting. I've also added some other news at the end of this post.

What I'm working toward with Exponential Bet is to publish content daily and weekly to help people succeed at betting.

Whether using services available here or elsewhere, I don't care. I mean this, as I don't mind if you take the information available here and apply it elsewhere, because if it helps you to do well that's all I want.

I have been in this industry now for approximately thirteen years in total with a gap in-between, and as much as technology advanced and the way we can make money using software, the overall mindset and approach to setting up your betting campaign has not improved.

I see the same mistakes again and again that I witnessed when I first started betting and using Betfair. I take my part of the blame for this, as I should have done more over the years providing more free information and published content more frequently.

Without the right mindset and banking advice it can leave people exposed to make daft costly mistakes and have unrealistic expectations. Everything that most of us had at the start of our betting journey.

If we're honest with ourselves most of us would have found the Betfair Exchange or some strategy on the net at one point when starting out, and thought 'this time next year Rodders we'll be millionaires' (Only Fools and Horses reference for those outside the UK).

The reality of betting and what is promised with betting strategies is in most cases the complete opposite of what people expect, but that's not to say the betting strategies do not work or have potential for long term profits regardless of who is selling them. There are some great services and advice out there available to people to learn and utilise.

The way the industry sells itself I feel is mostly to blame, and it seems to purposefully thrive on unnecessary aspects of sport and factors that are largely unimportant, which combine to make people think they can get rich quick, and therein lies the problem.

What is off kilter is the theory and reality gap, and of course the lack of guidance to get started properly from a monetary stand point.

I don't know why they don't teach kids early on in school the true value of money in the classroom, and how to invest properly, this is something I'll never understand.

They should do this from an early age and I guarantee we'd have people doing a lot better in life financially, which of course has a trickle down positive effect. I wish I'd had that in school, and I know it would have helped me be further on from where I am today.

The same applies with betting, my speciality subject, so I need to do my bit and provide clearer instructions and guidance to help people be further on and help them avoid unnecessary errors.

Over the coming months I'll start adding video guides covering a range of betting related topics to address this, and also to give step by step demonstrations on the set up process using my services at Exponential Bet.

The goal is to minimize the unfortunate pattern I see repeating again and again.