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Expo News 3rd January 2022

Happy 2022, and I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

I had a nice rest which is what I needed.

Today's news post is an overview of the results for all Automated Services from where we left off in December.

I was asked to keep the weekly updates as shown in my previous post in the same format, with the detailed stats and graphs for each service.

I'll do my best to keep to this as often as possible, and today I've listed them below as requested showing the fortnight's figures and graphs.

My laptop kicked the bucket and was sent back to the supplier on the 30th December with a replacement PC scheduled for next day DPD delivery, but of course this never happened which I thought it was too much to hope for, so I'm presently laptopless.

I'm using my fathers laptop to write today's post and to capture the results from the past two weeks, but his laptop is powered by steam and sheer hope so I'll keep this one brief today.

This short and sweet news update today has taken about five times longer than normal, so excuse the lack of full results update across the site, this will all be rectified over the coming seven days after the new machine arrives.

I'll update the monthly numbers for the services firstly, with the next detailed overview results uploaded next Monday.

It doesn't make sense to do that midweek as I'll be duplicating work just a few days later, but the monthly numbers will done as priority once the new machine is set up.

I didn't want to leave today's news post empty though, so at least we have the numbers from the past couple of weeks to assess below.

I'll also be back in play betting once set up with my new PC, and will ideally have some bets put in for inclusion into next weeks blog.

Later this month we'll get the in play club started, which I will email everyone registered with confirmed memberships providing full instructions on how to get started.

The guides I mentioned in my previous posts will be available shortly afterward in February, and I will also revisit the free pre race trade guide to put some more trades in and recorded to keep it up to date.

Okay, before I chuck this incredibly slow laptop out the window let's get to the fortnightly result update, and see how we got on from the 20th December to the 2nd January for all Automated Strategies.

Top down with the most profitable to least in order of BSP for simplicity. Some strategies of course only have MTP applicable results such as Lay Betting with straight stake selected. If in doubt you can find out which of these apply on the individual service pages at Exponential Bet.

20th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022

Racing Lays & Lay Dutching - Straight Staking (All Options)

lay betting

Sure Favs Main

betting system

Place Lay Single - Fixed Liability Betting

place betting system

Place Lay Multi - Fixed Liability Betting


Place Lay Multi - Straight Staking

exchange betting

Place Lay Single - Straight Staking

lay betting system

Racing Lays & Lay Dutching - Fixed Liability Betting (All Options)

lay exchange bet

Sure Favs High & Bet Advantage (All Options)

favourite backing

Sure Favs Foundation - Target Profit

Bet Focus - Target Profit

Sure Favs Foundation - Straight Staking

Place Back Multi - Straight Staking

Place Back Multi - Target Profit

Bet Focus - Straight Staking

I'll sign off here as I will be back in touch later this week, I will have the uploaded monthly numbers included asap, with an assessment of how we got on in December.

Fingers crossed the DPD man turns up tomorrow with my new PC so I can restart in play betting.

I enjoyed the break, but it's good to be back and I'm raring to go.

Thanks for reading.


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