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Expo News 25th March


This is the first news post I've published that isn't really a service update, it's an update on me.

I'll keep it really brief today, as I am still poorly, and got worse since the Sunday update. The doc has now put on steroids for my breathing as I can't catch my breath, and new antibiotics I'll start later today.

I'm not dying, and it's really not serious, but I can't work at the moment given I've got this going on, with a splitting headache for approx two weeks that nothing can shift, I feel like a wreck basically.

When the new drugs work magic I'll be back online, but I'm taking a week off work starting now from my assigned annual leave. I need a proper rest to recover from this, because at the moment I'm up early and working late trying to play catch up with jobs, and this is not doing me any favours.

I've been told to take it slow by the doc so I'm listening, as my current way is counter productive. Also, given I had a heart procedure at the back end of last year, I have to make sure I take these things seriously and not make things worse by being pig headed.

Officially I'll be back near the end of next week, and the service result update will have to take a rollover till the 4th April. Nobody will die, the world will carry on, it's just a week off (that's what I keep telling myself), so I'm simply letting you know as I'll be closing the laptop after sending this message.

If you need me urgently get in touch as I'm checking messages on my phone every day.



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