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Expo News 20th September

The results are now updated and available to view for all the Automated Betting Strategies.

To examine the results for each strategy in more detail simply select Betting Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet, and then from the drop down choose the service you would like to look at.

Last week overall the results were disappointing to be totally honest, with some of the services and betting options making a profit, some near enough breaking even, but most of the main group that usually do very very well having what I like to call a bastardly frustrating week.

No drama at all with any of them, and everything operating within the set points level and comfort zones, no wheels falling off wagons.

It was a case of close but no cigar in virtually all the losing races, whereas typically we'd pick up some momentum at some point and recoup with a profit, this just didn't happen for these services and they had absorb more losing days than usual.

If you're betting as advised with your points set up and staking plan you've no worries at all, and it was just one of those weeks we will encounter along our betting journey.

These are just inevitable betting runs why it's important to have your points balance set up right, so you can get over these humps to reach the reported high points we see time and time again.

Initially I thought oh no there must be something wrong with the analysis when we went to the seven day week schedule, and starting bug hunting across all the strategies.

I noticed the usual strategies that do very well under performing so went through the side by side results of before and after, but it wasn't anything do with the seven day week at all, and even if they had been set at their previous specified dates the results wouldn't have been any better. It was just one of those weeks that we will look back on in the months to come as just a dip in the graph, before we moved on to hit a positive run of betting and pushing the balance further in the right direction.

The graph does show a lot of ups and downs to reach the reported results so we should be used to this, but even so it is quite bastardly nonetheless.

As I wrote above though some of the strategies thrived last week and did very well. With the shift to seven day a week betting immediately having a positive impact on them.

In other news, I'm still on track to be set up in the new temporary office in the coming week or two, and when I'm set up the scheduled free content and In Play Club will be up and running in no time. ETA early ish next month.

I will as promised include a full video analysis next month showing the comparison results and detailed overview of how we're doing this betting year, and overall, with what we need to achieve to reach target, and my honest predictions for how we'll end the current twelve month betting period for each service with rational to back it up.

That's it from me today short and to the point. From next month when I have a desk again instead of a laptop cushion, I'll start posting the news updates in video format so you will have the pleasure of hearing my Ringo Star tones. ;-)

Thanks for reading.


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