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Expo News 16th April


The BHA meeting results to came through yesterday, and I wanted to assess the media feedback before posting.

You may have already read that UK horse racing is suspended indefinitely, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

At this moment it's exactly what I expected and predicted in the email sent yesterday, and at this time nothing has really changed from that.

As in, racing will not be resuming until mid May earliest, but likely to be June behind closed doors. That could change obviously, but I feel it's the most likely outcome.

The bookies who are taking bets on this have June as the favourite, and I agree with them for a change.

It's new territory for racing as a whole, and how the industry will be affected remains to be seen, but one thing I know for sure is racing will return, and people will always want to bet and trade.

This industry is recession proof, and will be back in action eventually. When and how this phases in is yet to be confirmed, but we will be ready to go when a date is set.

It's unfortunate for some of the big meetings that have been cancelled as a result of this, and for everyone involved, but I do remain optimistic for a restart in June, then a gradual easing of restrictions over the months to follow, but as long as racing is on we will be back in business from day one.

As mentioned many times in recent emails, blogs, and messages on my site, all members affected by racing being suspended will receive an extension automatically, and I'll write to let each of you know this has been added to your Cloud Bet Bot accounts.

Whatever you have paid for via subscription will be extended once we have the firm date for racing to resume, that's a given.

I'd also just like to thank you for the kind messages of support during this time, I appreciate every valued member and know this has affected all of you in some way. This has been a real leveller for all of us, as nobody could have imagined it.

The business I have built up over the past few years is now on hold until further notice, as I suddenly had the rug pulled when racing was suspended, and that in itself is a lot to take in, but knowing this caused so many deaths across the world, it's absolutely heartbreaking, damaged so many lives that will never fully recover...

Plus the effect of this on our economy is yet to be realised in full, it's just staggering.

If you're not already, (just some friendly advice) what I would suggest is to make good use of this time if you have it and you're not a worker on the front line. If you are, then please accept my gratitude for the work you're doing, from the NHS to the waste disposal and everyone in between, it's very much appreciated.

If you're like me though and have unexpected free time we never imagined having, if possible try and avoid gawping at the News or Netflix all day, also avoid any speculative betting if possible on the more remote markets you potentially know nothing about, and do something you've always wanted to do but never had the freedom. Possibly learn something new.

I'm spending my time combining assessing race data for Remote Daily Betting, and JV MK2 Betting System using new filters made available to me, while tweaking the Trading Service that will be available shortly after racing resumes.

The data is giving me a deeper insight into the betting systems, which I'll utilise to squeeze more profit and steadier balance growth.

Additionally, I've organised the CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which means when we do have a date to resume I can extend all your memberships to the correct dates very quickly.

This has been a huge task that's been hanging over my head for a while, as it's not the most exciting job in the world, but getting stuff done I've been putting off is a satisfying feeling, and one that I would strongly recommend if you're in the same boat.

I've also been learning the piano in my free time, yep it's something I've wanted to learn for a while, and is going slowly but okay.

Also looking to restructure my working day to include a couple of projects that will be benefit members in the coming months.

Things I've been putting off due to being so busy when racing was active, and making the most as much as possible of each day during the downtime.

I've mostly been on my own as the missus is a Police Officer and busy right now, so getting creative using the time to build and plan is better than watching news overload, which I'm guilty of doing when this all kicked off.

My dogs and two horses mean my daily get out the house routine has consisted of quite healthy activities, feeding the gee gee's and walking the dogs over the hills, so luckily I've not gained too much weight sat on my lazy ass in the home office, definitely put on a few pounds though...

Thanks for the read today, I'll write again next week or sooner if I receive any news or updates.

Stay safe and well.


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