Betfair Trading News 22/11/18

I've lots to cover in this post regarding the imminent update to the Betfair Trading Guide, which includes automation to the pre race trading process, so let's jump straight in.

Before I begin though, let me firstly state that I'm looking forward to getting the new automated pre race trade method out there and released. I can also use it to finish the £100 to a £1000 challenge, and towards my own personal funds.

There have been changes to how I'm delivering this automated trade strategy, which are the most positive changes you could wish for given it's all about making money.

Within this post you will be fully up to speed where I'm at with this new trade guide release, and have a clear idea of what to expect.

The most recent trading update was on the 16th October with reported results for the automated method.

This has undergone a series of tuning updates from mid September, all of which you can see in the blog posts to this point and within the result breakdown below.

Since the most recent post I've learned a lot about the automated method, and want to share the highs and lows.

The working title for the automated trading file I've been publishing results for most recently is Auto Test 2 V1.

When you're working with many variations over a long period of time the creativity with naming files is the last thing on your mind, so excuse the uninspiring title.

Auto Test 2 V1 and the previous iterations up to this point have demonstrated potential for rapid growth, but as published within the results more volatility than other trading methods deployed.

It's obvious when blanketing a day's racing with a strategy you will have more of a swing in the results, as opposed to a consistent controlled line of steady returns that a more structured selective method will give you.

What goes up must come down as they say.

Also back up it has to be said, but it did come down for a spell using the blanketed trading approach, and I dropped significant numbers over a short period.

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