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Bet & Trade News 29th August

Today I have news that will affect all the automated services positively, adding more precision to effectively building a betting balance over time.

Here is the JV Betting System from the 1/1/20 to the 25/8/20

automated betting system

You can see a profit over time, and the risk of 30.52 points drawdown in that period.

Below is the JV Betting System Filtered from the 1/1/20 to the 25/8/20, but using settings that will be adding for members next week.

Nigel (our developer) has cleared his decks and is now ready for work to be able to add these settings for members.

horse racing betting

I'm sure you can spot the difference from the two images above, and see less overall bets placed, reduced risk, with more than double the profit in the JV Filtered version.

In addition, the overall betting process itself is visually a lot smoother shown in the graph.

The line of ascent is steadier getting us to the highest profit point a lot faster, without as many dips, in fact a reduced bet volume overall that decreases risk, which means we enjoy the journey with reduced exposure.

The bets shown above in the filtered example have been put through actual live betting data, making some obvious refinements to the way the bot selects the horses to avoid periods or bets proven to regularly go against us.

These changes will be tested briefly in development mode to ensure they function correctly from Monday, and then time prevailing be added to the JV service for all active members next week. This is very doable now Nige is back.

At that time I'll explain more about the obvious differences with how the bets are placed, available on the service page and member set up PDF instructions.

All the information you see in the graph will be made available on a regular basis on site, updated as they are placed to continue giving you the data you need to assess the effectiveness of the strategies.

I mentioned a while ago how important it is to have as much knowledge as possible before deciding whether to run a system, and how you decide to run it using the right amount of money comfortable for you to manage.

Any betting system requires a start bank, and when you're running an automated one in particular you require a bank that you can let run on its own obviously.

This requires a different mindset than if you're learning something that you apply daily, or sent betting tips that you put on yourself.

I hope you see my point. An automated betting system is a hands off arm chair investment, and should be treated as such with this outlook before you begin.

Like any investment your options will either diminish or improve over time with how you can manage this, and this is true for all betting systems, but with an automated betting system you are hands off the wheel.

When things are going great you have to remain as calm as you are when things go against you, in order to have the successes recorded in the results. Same applies for successful betting and trading manually, but at least then you feel in total control when you make your decisions.

With automation placing the bets you're letting the strategy and bot do the decision making, so you need to be totally comfortable with that.

It's also true that you're putting in an amount of money you feel safe to let ride the highs and lows.

This is usually because you either don't want the hassle or responsibility of following tipsters, or haven't the time to learn a new betting technique you need to be at the desk race to race, or because you can see the huge potential of these strategies to build an investment over time.

Everyone has their own needs and expectations when it comes to searching out a betting or trading system to follow, and must find what's right for them.

It should fall within the comfort zone financially, as it's something you're doing to ideally increase your capital over time, but it should also be enjoyable and an experience you fully understand with as much info at your disposal as possible.

I've provided what I have so far for members on site, and in the set up PDF, but now after a good run of bets I'm able to delve a lot deeper in to these systems, and react to some stand out glaringly obvious triggers.

This is why after nearly six months actual live betting running the automated bets for RDB Dutch, RDB Straight, and JV MK2 strategies, we can now begin to include the improvements based on the live data, not back fitted data, and have the information available to share with you that's come from the live betting.

We won't just be adding additional data for you to trawl over humming and hawing, we'll be adding ways for you to run these options fully automated.

I had originally intended to include a lot of bet data on site, and instruct you how to manually adjust to get some of the rewards these new filters can offer you while Nigel was on holiday this month for a few weeks.

However, it became apparent there was a lot more too this, and I could make some very simple adjustments without changing the original services, but adding a couple of options for each to reduce risk and increase profits. As a result things have actually worked out for the better taking longer.

This is a far better plan than what I wrote in my members email last night, to rush a manual option out until Nige returned, as he got in touch after this email to confirm he's now available ready to get stuck in.

What Next

Well the immediate job to finish is adding JV Dev to the live Cloud Bet Bot for all JV members to access. Then we can end that dev test, and it will be part of the service.

It's proven to hold its own, and regardless of the quirks running it, the value of this method is obvious when looking at how it's ran during August testing.

I'll outline the caveats with the service on the JV page, and make it clear within the set up PDF what's involved, as it places bets after the start time.

Overall though as stated it's shown to be an asset, and over time it will return in my opinion +200 points over a 12 month standard betting period, ie no Covid lockdown's.

The result data for this will be shown on site shortly after its been made active for all members, and fall in line with what's shown above demonstrating the risk and reward stats.

JV Filtered shown above will require a few days minimum in the development version of Cloud Bet Bot, and can then once Nigel is happy everything is running correctly also be added for all live JV members to use.

This will also come with clear instructions shortly afterwards added to the PDF, and JV page on site.

In addition to this, the same engine that runs JV runs RDB as well, and I've already been working through adding the same level of performance boost to RDB Dutch and Straight.

Which means that while JV Filtered is in dev test for a few days, I'll be preparing a dev test for the RDB service that will follow shortly.

These additions will show under your services when you login once available, and I'll add some advice about how I'm betting going forward using these options.

I have a feeling that 100% of the membership will migrate to the improved versions, but it all will be available within the dashboard until this is established.

Once these have been included for automated services in the live Cloud Bet Bot, and members are running these options, with the site and PDF data to support this, I can then fully devote my days to trading, recording my results, possibly live streaming, and just let these automated systems run.

I'm itching to get back to trading, and have a nearly complete Trade Guide ready for member release.

I've uncovered some amazing trade opportunities using the Researcher tool, which as covered in a recent post I'll make available as an actual product for you to access in the near future. The logistics of how this happens and in the best format are still to be confirmed, but it is coming, and will give you the option to trade using my strategies automated.

Trading is something I want to spend a few of the prime days a week putting in a shift for myself as I enjoy it. Then record screen time to share with members.

Working on Cloud Bet Bot strategies, dealing with the Covid break adjustments to the services and memberships, along with member queries, data analysis, and everything else all takes a lot of time.

Time that has for me been in short supply recently, but I've done my best, and still working through the list ticking boxes to get that time back to trade.

That is my next goal after all of the above is complete, as I need it back in my daily routine.

By working with a data expert recently (thanks Graham) while Nige has been away, we've managed to accelerate the service updates between us making the most of the time, and ensure the changes you'll see we've adopted are straightforward obvious advancements, avoiding the back fit rabbit hole.

With the automated services providing more member info and improved options, they can finally become fully set up and leave for me. Then you will start seeing the actual vision I had for this year just before the racing shut down.

I'll update racing results on site tomorrow after the racing finishes, for all automated services showing this weeks results.

Nigel is setting up the filters within Researcher to test in Dev Mode, which will ideally be ready tomorrow.

Then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I can test drive to ensure it all works properly before adding to Live Cloud Bet Bot for all members.

Providing it runs fine over the first few days next week I can give the thumbs up to go live for all members, and send a brief explanation of what's available.

Thursday I'm in hospital again for the day and will need Friday and maybe Saturday to recover at least.

Then after if I haven't done so already I'll prepare the site and PDF to represent the updated options.

The week after I'll do the same with RDB Dutch and RDB Straight, post here to show you the differences, and of course in member updates.

Repeat the same process (minus the hospital visit), and get it ready available for live members.

After which as explained I'll get the Trade Guide finished, and look at the extra member bets I mentioned recently.

Then commence a working week based on trading and sharing my activity with members. That's the dream, and I'm very much focused on reclaiming my working week, but first realise work needs to be completed on Cloud Bet Bot RDB and JV to get them hitting the highs going forward.

I hope that explains everything for now, I'm bound to have missed something somewhere, but the finer details will all be confirmed as changes to the services become available for members.

If you're looking to join, you can find all the subscription options available here:

I hope you have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.


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