Bet & Trade News 29th August

Today I have news that will affect all the automated services positively, adding more precision to effectively building a betting balance over time.

Here is the JV Betting System from the 1/1/20 to the 25/8/20

automated betting system

You can see a profit over time, and the risk of 30.52 points drawdown in that period.

Below is the JV Betting System Filtered from the 1/1/20 to the 25/8/20, but using settings that will be adding for members next week.

Nigel (our developer) has cleared his decks and is now ready for work to be able to add these settings for members.

horse racing betting

I'm sure you can spot the difference from the two images above, and see less overall bets placed, reduced risk, with more than double the profit in the JV Filtered version.

In addition, the overall betting process itself is visually a lot smoother shown in the graph.

The line of ascent is steadier getting us to the highest profit point a lot faster, without as many dips, in fact a reduced bet volume overall that decreases risk, which means we enjoy the journey with reduced exposure.

The bets shown above in the filtered example have been put through actual live betting data, making some obvious refinements to the way the bot selects the horses to avoid periods or bets proven to regularly go against us.