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+5 Points Stop

Racing Lays is an automated lay betting service, which you can find out more on the main service page here:

I've also written an introduction to the service here:

Today's brief blog post covers the additional betting option included recently that gives members the choice of betting using a stop up feature set at +5 points.

The options available with Racing Lays for members to select are Main, that runs over three days of the week only, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The High options operates exactly the same as Main, but runs from Monday to Saturday over six days, and the +5 Stop option runs exactly the same as High but will stop at the first 5 point profit reached in any given day.

These options are explained with results updated weekly and shown on the Racing Lays page via the link above.

This means at +5 points once the concurrent bets have been settled on Betfair with the winner decided in the race, and the running total for the day brought up to date within Cloud Bet Bot, the bot will stop betting.

No actions are required by members for this to happen, and each day it automatically resets itself to look for another 5 points to stop at.

To summarise, if you're operating this option within Racing Lays and you make 5 points profit, providing the race has settled before the next one commences the bot will not continue betting for that day, but will resume again the following day.

Some members prefer to stop early at a profit within a betting day, and we found that the strategy had an historical sweet spot of reaching the 5 points a number of times within a week to make it the best stop up option.

Here is a comparison of results from the 1.6.20 to 30.9.20 with and without the +5 Stop option.

These results include the Anti Drift Filter set at odds of 10 across both settings. You can read more about this filter in a recent blog post here:

With +5 Stop Activated

lay betting system

Without +5 Stop Activated

lay bet

The results above are fixed stake betting not fixed liability.

You can read more about both these staking options in this news post:

As you will notice from the results the points return over this period from the 1.6.20 to 30.9.20 is almost identical, but the race bets is a lot less to achieve the points recorded with the +5 Stop activated. 1551 race bets compared to 2370 without the stop up filter.

We also have a virtually identical strike rate with the two options, but the ROI is higher with +5 Stop at 18.50 compared to 12.08 without.

Drawdown is also lower at 30.06 in comparison to the 44.83 without the stop up setting, although I think these will be near enough the same over time.

As some periods when we hit a dip it will take longer to recover with the +5 Stop setting given it will miss days when the strategy does very well, and this will have an impact on the drawdown and rate of recovery in my opinion over time.

However, overall I think with the stop setting you will see as demonstrated have more winning days, and long periods where the strategy simply hits target and then stops betting for the day, which I can understand has appeal for a lot of members.

Members who follow the racing live each day, or just dip in and out of the results and prefer to operate like this with the early get out option at +5 points, this will suit their betting style, and this is the reason for its inclusion to the service.

The actual long term points profit are not too different along with the strike rate, so from a target point of view they offer a similar potential returns, but the stop up option will have a lot less bets over the months ahead, and as such less exposure.

As I type this blog post the stop up feature has just activated after the 14:20 race was settled, so no more bets today for Racing Lays members who use this option with todays 5 points banked.

The above data in the grand scheme of things gives us a good idea of how each option will run for Racing Lays, but it's not a definitive guarantee this will be the way things go consistently month by month moving forward, as we need a lot more racing and data under our belts over the years ahead.

You can see from the graphs both options struggled during June and hit low points before recovering, and we will have this in future with losing months followed by winning months, but in what order these come is impossible to predict of course.

Racing Lays is a trend based service, but the only trends that will ever be updated will be changes to racing rules, along with jockey and trainer information as this naturally develops over time.

The results shown have the Anti Drift Filter included, but other than this recent inclusion to the service the selection foundation will remain the same apart from trends listed above that impact racing for obvious reasons.

It will be interesting to see how Racing Lays and all the automated betting strategies at Exponential Bet progress over the years to come.

Each will have their moments of glory and frustration over the months ahead, but the goal is to always stay in the game long enough to reap the rewards of the winning periods.

As you can see above in the graphs when these arrive and recover from inevitable losing periods, they tend to hit a long run of winning bets which then pushes the balance to a new profit high. That is a common trend shown, as are the losing periods that precede the balance growth.

If you're operating a fixed stake betting plan in particular your bet exposure needs to be set correctly for your comfort levels.

You need to set yourself up to weather these dips so you're able to deal with them and be there when the profit rolls in.

Fixed liability also requires good money management, but in comparison to fixed stake that can require more than a 100 point investment over a betting year, fixed liability should comfortably operate within a 100 point investment to return a long term profit.

All results are published on site for each service the evening after Sunday's racing finishes.

I'd usually be having a Guinness updating Sunday results, but for now I'm alcohol free until my surgery is scheduled sometime next year. That first Guinness is going to taste amazing!

Any questions about the +5 Stop setting let me know.

Thanks for reading.


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