Bet & Trade News 22nd September


After starting this blog post with the intention of a brief news update, I quickly realised with the sheer amount of content I want to cover I'll have to spread this over three or four posts.

The betting strategies need a proper introduction and how they are set up to bet.

I want to go over the ups and downs of running automated betting.

The difference between fixed stake and fixed liability with some examples of this.

Expand more on running multiple services.

How I've set up my staking, which is a blog in itself.

Additionally I want to demonstrate the running totals with examples over a few strategies.

As this gives a clear picture on how the betting process can operate over time, which is important and can be the difference between winning long term and quitting short term.

It will be easier showing the running totals with a few videos, so this will definitely be something for early next week.

In tonight's post I will cover what's coming up soon in the pipeline & fixed liability betting vs fixed stake for the lay betting services.

I've posted some interesting screenshots below from Racing Lays, showing betting comparisons for both lay betting styles.

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