Odds Drift Filter

In this post I explain the odds drift filter applied to the automated lay betting services at Exponential Bet.

With lay betting (betting on a selection to lose) in particular the odds of the horse can determine your total bet exposure, ie if you lay a horse at odds of 7 for £1.00 your liability on the bet is £6.00 if betting using a fixed stake.

If you win the bet with the horse losing the race, assuming you're set at standard 5% commission (which I'd suggest you change to 2% immediately) you would make a profit of 0.95p.

If betting using fixed liability in comparison then your max bet will only be the amount you set, which in this example is £1.00, but your potential profit would return 0.16p for a total liability of 0.96p in this instance. 0.17p profit would tip you over the max amount at £1.02, but depending on bet timing this may happen to round the bet up or down.

I've covered fixed stake vs fixed liability at length in my blog posts so I won't go into the huge differences with these two bet styles in this post.

Additionally, you can find out more on fixed stake or liability betting on the lay betting service page, both at Racing Lays and Lay Dutching.

This is my most recent blog post giving detailed examples and comparisons here: https://www.exponentialbet.co.uk/post/bet-trade-news-22nd-september

The Odds Drift Filter mentioned in the subject line, or the Anti Drift Filter I commonly refer to it (though habit) will check the max odds of a horse at the time the bet is placed, and if it's over the max odds, ie it's drifted in price from the time it was selected to be a qualifying bet, then it will skip that horse or race if it's the only selection in the event.

This filter is here to minimise the occasions horses are selected to lay with the automated strategies, but at the time the bet is scheduled to be placed within Cloud Bet Bot for members the price of the horse has drifted and is a lot higher than at the time of selection, which at that point it met criteria and was within the odds range set.

To break this down, with Racing Lays and Lay Dutching the horses Cloud Bet Bot is programmed to scan races to check if any bets qualify does this at a pre determined time before a race is due to start.

The times races actually start to when they are scheduled is another story completely, and I'll come to this shortly.

From the time the horse for Racing Lays, or horses in the case of Lay Dutching that has multiple bets per race arrives, the programmed time