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It's Not All About Betting

I have a large membership from all walks of life, and we get in to dialogue about many topics, but the overriding common thread is making money given the nature of Exponential Bet.

Members of all ages, backgrounds, nationality, a spread of men and women who all share the same goal to build an investment.

You already know from my recent posts that I'm slimming down Exponential Bet giving me more scope to invest my time in more productive pursuits. Enabling me to deliver a lot more profit for members, which I think will surprise everyone what's actually achievable with your betting and trading.

I'll explain more about this over the coming series as I go through each service, along with subscription options, guide upgrades, and bet or trade tools I currently utilize.

Today I want to go off piste and put something out there I've been thinking about for some time.

With the combined wealth of knowledge from my membership sharing pretty much the same shared goal, I'm 100% certain we're not utilizing our skill set to the optimum to achieve as much as we could be.

Alongside my time working with Exponential Bet I have other investments, projects, and irons in the fire.

If you're reading this you either work full time / part time for your primary income, or living on your retirement pension, and possibly other investments like myself.

The fact remains the same, whatever drove you to Exponential Bet was always to make more money than you have banked right now.

So let's talk turkey.

I'm looking to start multiple businesses with you, and need people with varying skill sets who can invest time, energy, and possibly depending the business type some capital in to each project. Although the financial investment on the businesses I'm looking at will be minimal, especially if spread across share holders.

It's all profit share, and whoever works on each new business will have complete transparency with an equal input. I'll ensure a stalemate is never possible with the numbers allowed in to each project.

What makes an amazing business is when you've great people who share the same end goal.

exponential bet

At this stage I'm simply putting it out there to see if this idea has legs, seeing if enough people are interested.

People I'd like to hear from, and this is not a set in stone list, but my initial assessment knowing the business type's tells me we will need these skills. If you possess any of this business acumen and you're interested in exploring new business opportunities, let me know.

IT Technical


Hands On Stock Controllers

Content Creation

Social Media Manager

Advertising Experience

Crowd Funding Experience

You Tube Knowledge / Video Editing


Entrepreneurial Attitude

SEO & Marketing Background

As stated this is not an exact list and no doubt this will expand as we discuss things further.

As it becomes obvious with each project we've the right people, when we all have our roles set, meetings will be arranged over Skype and face to face around the country as much as possible to move things forward.

My plan is to be involved with a lot of new businesses with the right people working on each, and this post today is about networking to see what resources we have on our doorstep. I want to work with people and plant investment seeds to create additional income streams.

The type of businesses I'm looking at are things that require some time and effort to get off the ground, but once running simply need maintenance to keep them producing a profit, and mostly online, or based within the APP market.

What we hear a lot online about passive income, which is something that's achievable, but never something that you can reach immediately. We need some huff and puff to begin it's a fact, and then experts in place to keep these businesses moving the right way.

Hopefully since I launched this site and any dialogue you've had with me I've shown I'm hard working, diligent, motivated, honest (sometimes painfully), and reliable. I will dedicate time to this and put in 100%, if I'm working with self motivated business minded partners.

I'm looking for people with some drive and passion to work on the right projects, as I do have a long list of ideas we can get off the ground together, and I'm also open to new business ideas.

I work alone every day, and I enjoy things this way for a lot of reasons. As in, not having to work for someone else, or commute to and from an office, but I also miss the collaboration aspect, and the feeling of achieving more through team work.

Before you contact me about working on these projects, you really have to want it, and want to start something new with a group of like minded motivated people. Which is what I'm looking to get off the ground with this post.

I'm not your boss and never want to be, I'll have a role in each business like everyone else, taking my equal share as each mini empire grows.

I know just from talking and emailing my members that I've got some shrewd people following my work and website, so if this sparks your interest and you'd like to know more, send me an email to

I'm working on the Exponential Bet setting up a more productive routine for myself over the next two weeks, with adding more to my investment portfolio in mind both betting and trade related, but also external business options. At this moment I'm just collating interest, and will be sorting skill sets from people interested to potential business options I'm looking at.

We need a spread of people from different backgrounds for obvious reasons, as we can't launch a company with only accountants or content creators.

Let's see what comes from this post, but anyone who thinks this will be a good fit and gets in touch, I'll keep good communication as the list of people increases, and set up a Skype groups for each project, leading to meetings to get everything off and rolling.

I've cast the rod, now let's see what happens next...

Tomorrow back to business as usual as I'll be posting about Expo Bot and Auto Dutch Beta as I continue my series of Expo News posts.

In the background I'm making changes to the site, services, subscriptions, and how Exponential Bet will run more efficiently. This will all begin being published soon.

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