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756% Profit Trading 110 Days

If trading UK horse racing using the betting exchange, and automated set and forget betting bots are your thing, today's blog post should be essential reading.

I was planning an Expo News update today as I've a lot to cover, but I'll save it for early next week in conjunction with Expo Bot release.

Today's post covers The Trade Guide V4

Before I begin let me state this is not just a results update for the trade challenge, although that is included.

This is big news for the trading service.

I've scheduled a new method of applying M1 Auto trading as follows:

  • Making M1 Auto as close to full automation as it's ever been, with just a few minutes required to turn the bot on, enter the trades, and you're done. When Expo Bot is available we can add full automation using this new update.

  • Black and white instructions with absolutely no grey area, just open the email in the morning, enter the horses in to the bot as advised, that's it. Emails will be sent approximately 9.30am.

  • The timing of the trades pre race are also included in this update.

  • End to end following this update takes approx 5 minutes, I'm usually done within a few mins.

  • This uses existing automation files available with either Fairbot or Bet Angel and provided in the trade login area.

  • No external due diligence is required, everything needed to select the horses to trade is included in the morning email.

I've recorded videos and screen shots for my trade activity this week. They shows clearly what I've being doing in each race, set up, and my results at the end of the day, also how you can replicate the exact same trades daily.

This is a crystal clear walk through with no margin for interpretation.

Quite literally from start to finish in simple steps, and made available for all trade guide members opting to access this version.

I've scheduled to include this with the Trade Guide V4 next week.

I'll firm up an exact date asap, once I've finished working with the developer for the Expo Bot release.

My week so far applying this quick trade version of M1 Auto:

  • Monday 18th Feb to Saturday 23rd Feb.

  • Trades set up within 5 minutes each morning, left unattended to run using Fairbot.

  • £50.00 stakes per trade looking for 10% profit.

  • 29 automated trades.

  • 21 wins, 8 losses.

  • A total hedged profit pre race of £63.48 (with commission deducted).

  • Biggest winning trade £12.18.

  • Biggest losing trade £7.64.

  • Stop loss never came close to being reached with any trade.

These are decent stats for a pre race trade strategy running on auto pilot, more so as it's only taking minutes each day to set up.

Bearing in mind I'm only using £50.00 per trade, higher stakes could be used given the selections being traded and the timing pre race.

As it's automated, the hedged side of the trade once matched on the back side means the lay is only fired when the target odds are reached, or rapidly surpassed if a horse steams in. Meaning, you're not exposed in the market which can lead to traders being exploited easier.

The original trade Method 1 included from the start has in time developed to be called M1 Auto. If you examine the breakdown of trades you can see in October 2018 I began introducing this automated version. M1 Auto is what I'm using for this new method, only a stripped down version which I'll reveal all to trade members next week.

Here's a summary of my trading results:


£100 to £1000 Pre Race Trade Challenge

86% Strike Rate

756% Total Increase

£756.56 Profit Over 110 Trading Days

This was originally starting with just £5.00 per trade and a £100.00 of course. Which means had I started using £50.00 and had the same results we'd be showing a lot more obviously.

The primary selection method has remained the same, but for the introduction of Focus Ratings in the most recent update. Which in my opinion transformed the effectiveness of the strategy, giving a lot more confidence in each trade. Members will find out exactly why this is the case when I delve deeper in to the new version.

Pre race trades can now be left fully automated with trade guide V4, as files to import to the bots are included. They can be left 100% unattended to place the back bet, and hedge for a profit before a race goes in play. Waiting for the right percentage profit to place the lay bet.

If the target odds aren't matched pre race, the auto trade will kick in for a hedged profit of whatever is available. If this isn't the case it will take the loss, or break even for a strike trade, but it won't go in play.

Should the price drift then automation has a stop loss, and will kick in to protect your entire investment. Limiting your actual exposure on each trade.

An example below from today's automated trading:

swing trade

betfair trading

The race has a green profit of £5.47 across every selection before the race starts, which is locked in no matter which horse wins the race. This trade had a back bet of £50.00 with Encore Dor at odds of 3.55. This is placed at a specific time pre race, which will be explained in the update. This means before the race started the counter lay bet to hedge for a target profit was placed at odds of 3.2 for £55.47. Thus generating the £5.47 profit, pre commission deduction.

This was all done fully automated from when I set this up in the morning around 9.30am. With the entire days applicable trades placed in a mater of minutes. Done and dusted.

As a side note, Keith from Focus Ratings has been examining data to be green by midday using M1 Auto. Once I make time I'll be adding this to the guide as well. Again another quick and easy method to apply, and one that will appeal to those looking to be set up the next day before they go to bed / work the following morning.

The update due next week for existing members I hope will come as a nice unexpected surprise, and if you're just thinking of joining you couldn't have timed it better.

I know a lot of members of the guide really want a quicker way to place the trades.

As much as the current version demonstrates my selection method using M1 Auto, it allows some flexibility with how this can be applied by the user, which has purposefully been left in to give scope to use the selection criteria in a more creative way.

However, some users would like it to be black and white, go here, do this, done in minutes, which is without question exactly what this latest update provides.

This version gives the horses to select, the time to set the trade dependent on specific factors, all of which are explained, and the tools to do the job at an affordable price.

As Fairbot and Bet Angel are both excellent API's with various price points to make them available to everyone. Nothing against BA, and I really like Peter Webb, but my personal preference is Fairbot. Both of these bots come with strategy files to import that operate the automated trading strategy.

Also, Focus Ratings comes with the first month at half price, then after just £27.00 monthly excluding VAT.

Looking at the potential returns over the long term with positive staking, this is a small price to pay for trades you can apply virtually every day.

If you're thinking of joining Focus Ratings, and I strongly advise you do, it's vitally important you use my referral links to be able to use the new trade update. I'll explain more on this when I send access instructions to existing members, but I just wanted to mention it now to avoid hassle and potential disappointment.

As mentioned this will be available with the latest trade guide early next week, as I wanted to record a full week of application from start to end beforehand. I'll now use this info in the secure login area, and demonstrate just how easy this is to set up daily.

More info to follow asap.

If you've any questions just drop me an email to, and I'll get back to you asap.

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