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+561% Profit Growth 84 Days Trading

Bet Angel automation files are now available in the member section to download, which can be imported to the bot and will run M1 Auto.

For those new to the trade blog, earlier this month I released an automated pre race trading strategy to the Betfair Trade Guide V4, which can be set up and left unattended to place pre race trades using a simple selection process to find the horses to trade.

The system was initially just available to Fairbot users, but now thanks to a member of the service who's re created these files to work with Bet Angel, this is now an option. A big thank you to David!

I know Matt who's contributed a lot to the In Play BETA System has recreated the files using Betextrader, and hopefully these will be available soon for any users of this bot looking to run the strategy.

I have to mention, the Exponential Betting and Trade bot will be available in the new year, which will also have a feature to run M1 Auto.

We had our Betfair licence approved yesterday for the bot, so full steam ahead now getting this prepared for members.

This will be the recommended method of running the strategy, but until this point Fairbot and Bet Angel are two industry leaders who can place your automated pre race trades using the Trade Guide V4.

I've had a some emails asking about the time of day trades can be placed, and if it's possible to follow the strategy the evening before, or very early before heading out to work.

I've done this quite a few times, and the tools to do the job are available to use both the night before racing, or when you leave for work early morning.

The liquidity in the markets will obviously be lower, but if you take this into consideration it's no issue, as you're placing automated trades that can be set to launch an hour before racing starts, the liquidity will be there when you come to trade.

In fact, Matt who's running Betextrader to place the trades is doing so before he leaves for work each day, and he's reporting near enough the same returns as myself.

I'll record a video asap to be added to the member area, and ideally before Sundays next post will give you some example of this early trading being applied.

Since my last post I've had four days trading, using the automated trading strategy M1 Auto. Six trades completed, three winning days, and one loss recorded.

Here's the updated trading balance results, with the graph and table below:

+561% Total Balance Growth

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £651.52

No. Days Trading


New Total £661.42

swing trader

trading betfair

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