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+61% Profit In Play Automated Betting

Great news today as we tipped over the 60% profit milestone, which has taken since mid march. Obviously not betting every single day, so effectively five and a half months across 168 days worth of betting.

I posted a blog last week updating the progress for In Play Betting, which for those new to the site is an in play automated betting system.

Here's some key points you need to know if you're a newbie:

  • The system operates a simple flat stake per bet with no loss recovery.

  • 1% of initial start bank per bet.

  • Bets are fired in play using a betting bot.

  • The bets are placed direct to the Betffair exchange.

  • Commission is deducted from the publish results.

  • You can choose between four bots to use to run the bets.

  • Three of the bots can use a set and forget feature, ran on auto pilot once bets are loaded.

  • Staking operates a stop at a winner approach.

  • 49% of the SAW wins came in the first race, over 168 total betting days.

After some resistance to get up to +60% profit we made it, and it just shows how much the strategy has an edge to be able to do this just following a flat staking plan.

I've a lot of data assessment to look at in order to make this even better for members, but for now the results tell me the foundation is solid.

The graph shows consistent positive growth, recouping over losing spells to recover to a new profit high.

Given the total average market volume of a race is £500k typically, for these day to day races the staking can handle times five where we are now I feel with ease.

Given the placement of the bet using different bots, internet connections, proximity to the exchange, and many more factors including acts of God, the results will always vary slightly per user.

The rate of recovery even if missing a few days or bets though is still constant, and there is nothing to say a random variable such as this wouldn't work in your favour. When I've missed days using it, I've sometimes come back to a run of wins. If returning to losses, the strategy has always recovered.

As we enter the winter season it will be interesting to see how this in play betting system pans out, personally I feel the weather conditions will be a positive for the results. As without giving too much away with the system, unpredictable outcomes are usually exactly what we want.

To find out more visit the In Play BETA page, which up until official release you can purchase this strategy for the one off price of £74.99. Which is 25% less than retail when it comes out of BETA later this year.

This is what you get once you've purchased the strategy, access to a secure member area containing:

  • A PDF explaining the strategy in great detail.

  • You have a choice of files to download for whatever bot you choose, with instructions for how to import them to the bot.

  • Thorough video content demonstrating everything from set up, to running the strategy live.

  • Additional strategy files still in test.

  • Links to the bet bots in the guide.

  • Full explanation of the selection process, all bullet pointed to make it easy to follow.

  • My full support via email or phone.

If you're looking for a decent income generator to grow your investment over 12 months and on-wards, then this is a great option.

You're not going to be able to grow the balance exponentially to dizzy heights like the Bet Bot, Dutch Betting, or Football Subscription services, but you can certainly grow a balance to a decent amount using sensible amounts.

For example, my recorded profit in approx 6 months using £10.00 per bet is +£600.00, which for a strategy that takes minutes to set up daily and run is not too shabby.

Given you could increase up to £50.00 per bet, which is a personal recommended maximum, bearing in mind your initial investment according to my 1% of bank stake rule would be £5000.00, but your ROI at this point six months in would be circa +£3000.00.

When you look at the peaks and troughs of balance progression over my invested period, can you see any major danger points when the bank took a nose dive, and ask yourself was the initial investment ever in any real danger?

The answer is absolutely not, which for me this puts this strategy in a very safe bet category at this stage of it's development progress.

I'll wrap up here as I'm monitoring the Betfair Trading Guide automated progress, while also looking after a sick dog, yes you read correctly a poorly pooch.

If you've any questions, let me know and I'll get back to you asap.

Here's the latest results update to the 10th October:

in play betting system

in play betting systems

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