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In Play Betting +58.2% Balance Growth

Another first race first win today for in play betting members, pushing the balance closer to the 60% balance growth threshold.

If you're interested in getting access to this strategy for 25% below launch price at just £74.00 one off fee with no subscription, you can get access right now via the In Play Betting BETA page.

Tomorrow I start my data analysis for all data accumulated using the In Play Betting method, which will run parallel with data assessment for my Dutch Betting systems.

The goal is to improve strike rate for in play betting, while for Dutch betting to open more opportunity to capitalize on existing Dutch bets, but for both to increase the speed of balance growth.

I've set two weeks aside for this, up to the 17th October, so the latter part of this month will be collating this data and introducing what I uncover to both betting systems.

Additionally, scheduled for late this month I'll be updating both the Trading Guide, which you can keep up to date with recent results in my trading blog here, and Bet Bot System which is really having a radical work through.

If you need to know where I am this month, there is a good chance I'm right here at my desk, head down beavering away whilst trying not to eat too much food (watching the waistline) and drink too much coffee.

If you've any questions, please email me at and I'll get back to you asap.

Here's the latest results update for In Play Betting BETA.

Updated 2nd October 2018

in play betting system

in play betting system

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