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+56.1% Profit Flat Stake In Play Betting

In play betting is a fan favourite. Partially because it's flat staking with no loss recovery, but also with three betting bots capable and ready to run the strategy set and forget, it makes it very appealing.

The return on investment is also something to admire, which in six months using £10.00 per bet achieving £561.38 total profit is not too shabby.

Betting sensibly is advised, although upping the stakes to £50 per bet during standard racing would be fine, with a £1000 upwards during major events of course if you decided to play the bigger meetings only, which is basically every weekend these days.

Another factor about this in play betting system is that it's still in BETA stage, and official release is yet to be confirmed, ideally next month is looking likely.

I've a bit of data assessment and some fine tuning to conduct, but as you can see from the results even during these early stages members who've jumped in and got involved in early access are still making a steady profit.

If you'd been involved since mid July when I gave access to a limited group, and followed the strategy to the letter, £215.91 would be banked. Paying for the strategy, betting bot, and giving you a profit to keep building on.

Which means if you're scratching your chin thinking about getting involved, don't leave it too long as the official release will come up before you know it.

As always though, no hard sell from me as the results speak for themselves.

Which leads me on to how we're doing, so let's take a look at recent results.

Reaching the 60% profit point has taken a bit longer than previous milestones with a bit of resistance, but this is largely due to the change in seasons that always without fail affects horse racing results in some way or another.

The positive to look at is, the system in its current format has weathered losing days and recovered to a new profit high every single time.

As stated previously, this is a flat staking system with no loss recovery which proves it carries an edge.

The strategy also operates using a stop at a winner method, so more than 50% of the time you're done and dusted early on, with approximately 55% of the days betting winning on the first race.

The fact it can run on auto pilot as a set and forget system running using a bot each day, makes it appealing to a lot of busy people out there, and taking just 5 minutes to set up.

Any questions, email me at and I'll get back to you asap.

Results Updated 30th September

in play betting system

in play betting system

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