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+461% Profit Trading Betfair in 49 Days

As I'm writing this blog post a trading system is running in the background on my PC, placing pre race trades on auto pilot using Fairbot.

Here's my progress so far today, with the results for the last four days trading updated at the base of this post with screenshots.

swing trading

The bot places bets and then hedges pre race within a set of programmed parameters.

It will either hit the target profit and green up before the race starts, or hedge for a profit or loss before the race begins to ensure it never goes in play, and never risks your full investment amount.

All being done on auto pilot without the need to be at the desk monitoring each race.

The investment amount per race to achieve the results in the this post I use £100.00 per race, but I have to emphasize given this is pre race trading you're never risking this amount. You won't see a loss of a £100.00 anywhere in the screen shots posted below.

This would only happen of course if your internet turns off, your PC crashes, or any other hideous act of God. Which if this happens and you've a smart phone with internet connection, you could jump on and hedge off.

I've been working on this automated pre race trading system for some time, and the first version I decide to include will be added to my Betfair Trading Guide's next update.

The past four days results are below, with today's trading results to be added in the blog tomorrow.

Let me breakdown my activity applying these automated strategies:

  • The result on the 25th was using method 1 already available in the guide, just a fine tuned version, and using automation to place the trade. This will be added to the next update as a manual version, but at this stage it's looking likely I'll be ready to add this as an automated file to import to the bot.

  • On the 26th I tested a promising variation of the automated system, with not much profit right now, but plenty of potential considering the fact I blanketed most of the day without much selection effort required.

  • Over the 27th and 28th I've applied another version I'm working on, and this is where things got really interesting. I just blanketed both the 27th & 28th, meaning I covering all the races without exception (missing the start of the first race on the 27th, I'm only human), and let the strategy I've created just do its thing.

How much value can be put on being able to set a bot running like this?

An automated trade strategy removing the emotion and decision making, while feeling confident the trades will be placed successfully, but also using a strategy you can rely on.

Is this the way forward for trading, as since I began posting these trade blogs I've received a lot of questions about the possibility to run a trade strategy set and forget. It's the most requested for obvious reasons, time is precious and not many of you have this time available in your day to be at the desk for every race.

I understand this, and it's been a driving force motivating me to create an automated trading system, but one that also removes the emotion of selection, or at least minimizes this to a quick set up and go.

The bot I use is very progressive, and at some point soon will have auto load features added to make setting up the days trades even quicker, but at present the last three days running the strategies in a blanker approach took no more than 5 minutes to set up.

I think even the busiest of us have five minutes a day to spare, especially it's going to create a second income to rival our main income over the long term.

Still with lots of work to do though, as I'm drilling down the best possible options and presently have more than five variations to work through.

The ETA for the next trade guide update is October, and I'll keep this blog updated with my progress.

I'm on target for this, and it will be the first part of a sequence of imminent upgrades I've got scheduled for the Betfair Trading Guide up to the end of this year and into next.

Members of the guide receive all future updates included in the cost of the guide, so once you're a member you get new access details sent whenever new content is uploaded.

Okay, so let me get the results updated before the Chelsea v Liverpool match kicks off shortly.

The £100 to £1000 challenge should be on target to be reached by the end of October.

Let me first show you how I'm getting on so far today since I began writing this blog post.

swing trading systems

Running Total

5% Commission Deducted

+461% Total Balance Growth

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £514.61

No. Days Date P&L

46 25th Sept £11.97

47 26st Sept £2.78

48 27th Sept £25.00

49 28th Sept £7.00

New Total £561.36

Daily P&L Screenshots Below:

swing trading

betfair trading

trading betfair

betfair trading

Sign up for the Betfair Trading Guide here. All future updates are included with your purchase.

If you've any questions, send me an email to and I'll get back to you asap.

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