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In Play Betting +53% Profit

I've not blogged too much recently about in play betting, primarily due to the fact I've now created a landing page for this strategy, which you can access from the menu above under 'Betting Systems', or via the link below.

Early access is available to everyone for this in play betting strategy at 25% off the official launch price for a limited time. This is a one off payment, not a subscription.

I keep the results up to date there every two to three days. If you're a member already you receive the member updates of course by email.

I will however keep an ongoing blog about the strategy, and keep everyone informed here in the build up to official release and on-wards.

Results Updated 21st September

+£531.58 Profit / +53% Total Balance Growth

Flat Staking 1% of Initial Bank Per Bet / £10 Stakes

No Loss Recovery

Stop At A Winner

In Play Betting Triggered Using a Bot

Manual or Set & Forget Options Available

Email for more info:

in play betting system

In Play Betting System

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