In Play +50% Profit

122 Betting days

53% First race first win bets

50% Balance growth

I'm adding a new page on site for In Play betting which will be up within the week, but I'll still continue to post a weekly blog in the run up to releasing this strategy officially.

This post is solely to keep the results up to date, and for everyone who's following the progress during it's final test stage up until release.

I'm at the point of running through the historical data to fine tune the selection process, and will then update the members area adding in my findings, with trend analysis based changes made to the race criteria choices.

Additionally, I'll add some set up instructions for the set and forget bots, which I mentioned in the previous post.

If you're interested in getting 25% off release price, and early access to this strategy either with group two, or during the official lead up to launch week, drop me an email to

Results Updated 23rd August

Recent recovery trend has taken 13 days and 55 bets, which you can see in the graph and table below. This is flat staking with no loss recovery.

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