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In Play +47% 4.5 Months

It's fair to say the last four days in play betting have been a breeze, with a win in the first race each day. Latest results are below.

The first race win ratio is no fluke, as it's over 50% of betting days the strategy wins on the first race.

My reported balance is up £122.53 in just over two weeks since releasing the prototype for group one access.

For current members of this betting system I'll be uploading a new getting started PDF tomorrow (5/8/18), and adding more video content.

The video content will demonstrate how to use the bet bot in more detail, select races, and is a slowed down walk through for any members not au fait with this sort of automated betting method.

Additionally, I'll be adding some more selection criteria points, and general house keeping within the PDF.

I am looking at possibly adding a chat room for the members area, and some other features to improve the ongoing development.

Thank you to all group one members for your continued support!

If you're interested in joining group two, drop me an email to, and I'll add you to the shortlist.

Latest Results Updated 4th August 2018

in play betting system

in play betting system

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