100% Balance Growth Per Annum

Another positive day today for Dutch betting members, with the One Dutch returning an 18% profit across two races.

We head in a new direction tomorrow (1/8/18) at Exponential Bet, with the introduction of Dutch Singles. Which is a Dutch betting service using the exchange instead of BSP Multiples.

A new service available as a stand alone, or part of the All Dutch Bets package. Bets are also included with the Dutch Guide purchase for a 3 month period.

You can subscribe on the Dutch Betting page, with monthly, six monthly, and yearly options.

What to expect with Dutch Singles:

  • Bets up to six days a week.

  • Average odds per Dutch 1.30 (30% ROI).

  • Sent approx 10 mins before race is due to begin.

  • Predicted 100% pa total balance growth at flat stakes.

  • Just half a percent of total investment per bet.

  • A high strike rate!

  • A much higher return is possible adopting a ratcheted approach.

  • Stop at a win target target deployed daily.

  • Bets are sent as a screenshot once placed.

  • Can be followed using your mobile phone, tablet, PC, or Mac.

  • As always, full support provided.

If you've any questions, send me an email to ryan@exponentialbet.co.uk

A short video showing today's results, with more details about the service:

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