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In Play Betting Big News

Since launching the In Play Betting Prototype a lot has changed in just over a week.

Member feedback is helping shape the strategy going forward, so by the time this reaches official launch the selection criteria will be finely tuned with a higher strike rate.

I've since replaced the automation file which runs with the bot, this is to reduce liability per bet in play, which now creates more stop at a win opportunity while increasing balance growth.

This means in layman terms, the stop at a win will be reached faster within the betting process, and profits will build quicker with less liability.

A huge step forward! If you look over historical results and apply this, the balance would be much higher, bets would not have continued for as long after a losing run to reach stop at a win point, and overall amount invested would be lower.

As an example, yesterday the first two races lost, and whereas usually the loss would be evens per race, so using the 1% of initial balance per bet approach, -£20.00 in my case. The loss was reduced to £8.00 for both combined races.

The next two races then won, so the loss was cancelled out on the third race, with a higher than usual profit on the fourth, as shown in the results below.

Before adding this process the fourth race would have been the break even point.

I'm delighted with this, and it just shows the smallest detail can have the biggest impact. This latest file is now available with the In Play Betting Prototype for group one members.

If you're still interested in getting involved in the early release, and you haven't paid a deposit, or had some dialogue with me to hold your place for a while longer, then after today you will need to wait for group two access, which may be in a month or two.

The doors close at midnight tonight for the In Play Betting Prototype, this is for anyone not registered with a place confirmed.

This is a prototype and still in development, the results published represent how I've gradually over the past four months tested and worked on the strategy.

Going forward I'll be assessing member feedback, and as shown above, in a very short period of time adding to the prototype with both selection criteria improvements, and application upgrades.

The PayPal sign up link below will be de-activated after midnight tonight. This is 25% less than official launch price, and a limited offer.

The In Play Prototype Access - £74.99

If you've paid a deposit, your payment links sent via email will remain active as agreed.

Results Updated 25th July 2018

4 Months betting

41% balance growth / £409.97 Profit

Highest draw down percentage 7%

Flat staking with no loss recovery

1% of initial investment per bet

in play betting system

in play betting

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