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One Subscription Details

You can now sign up for all my subscription services under one package, and this comes with added benefits.

  • As expected a discounted fee compared to signing up for everything individually.

  • A VIP 10% off any guides I produce, which can be applied to already discounted or promotional betting and trading products available at Exponential Bet.

  • Current subscription services, and all future additions to the site are included. This means you're getting a discount on what's available now, but with future additions you will save much more on subscription costs, and more importantly just have immediate access to everything, it's a given.

  • Any bolt on's which are added to products, guides, services will be included within your one subscription at no extra charge. So, if you purchase a product and a subscription add on is included as an optional extra later on, you already get your 10% discount off purchase price, but you then have the bolt on included without any extra subscription required.

What's Included

  • Dutch Betting - All Dutch Bets, Including One Dutch, Value Dutch Bet, and Dutch Singles.

  • Football Betting - Pre-Match & In-Play + CS Dutching (TBC)

  • Place Betting - Included with the Bet Bot for 3 months, then after a bolt on subscription service. This will be a stand alone subscription service from August.

  • In Play Football Trading - Coming Soon

  • Plus Any New Subscription Service To Be Added, Fully Included With One Subscription.

It's Convenient & Saves Money

If you're already subscribed to my services at Exponential Bet then you know how much I truly value your custom, which is why I've created this option for members who just want access to everything under one subscription, instead of multiple sign ups.

I can understand this is a lot simpler to manage, and for all subscription services with this you're fully covered.

All promotional offers and discounts for guides and products will be available to one subscription members via a secure login page. Access to this will be sent after sign up.

The Subscription Options

One Subscription Monthly: £49.99 (17% saving, compared to £59.98 individual subscriptions).

One Subscription Six Monthly: £229.99 (18% saving compared to £279.98 individual subscriptions).

One Subscription Yearly: £399.99 / (26% saving compared to £537.98 individual subscriptions).

The individual subscription comparisons are for currently active services, once the additional services are included the percentage saving will be far greater.

Additionally, as stated all one subscription members receive an additional 10% off all product guides, which will be kept up to date in the secure login area for one subscription members.

Existing members, please remember to cancel any current subscriptions after signing up for a one subscription package, to avoid any duplicate charges. Although, I will always refund any extra charges as a result if this happens, but of course it's easier if you wipe the slate clean first.

For any questions, please drop me an email to and I'll get back to you asap.

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