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In Play Betting Useful Stats

As you may already know, the In Play Betting Prototype was made available this week to a limited number of members.

You can still get access and join group one before the doors close on this offer, but you better get your skates on as places are either taken or being reserved quickly.

Here are some interesting stats from my personal use of the In Play Betting Prototype so far:

  • I began betting using this strategy mid-March, and have bet 90 days over an available 4 month period.

  • 52% of the time the bets won on the first race, that's 47 of the 90 days.

  • From the past 6 days betting 5 have won at the first bet.

  • The strategy operates a stop at a win approach, which has developed over time, and still being assessed for potential improvements.

  • A total of 265 bets placed using the main method within the bots automation setting.

  • Biggest draw down percentage during this period is 7%.

  • The strategy uses flat staking with no loss recovery or ratcheting of stake.

  • 1% of start balance, £10.00 per bet.

  • Start balance £1000.00

  • Total profit £371.97 to date, 37% total balance growth.

  • Average £41.00 profit every 10 days.

  • Current profit projection over 12 months using this staking approach, £1496.50

  • A predicted 150% balance growth.

Not bad for a system still in testing.

This will be assessed and developed up to official release, taking in to account a long list of potential triggers to improve the balance growth rate.

I'm recording all potential selection criteria triggers within my data spreadsheet, and working with current group one members to decide how we can introduce fine tuning, and make money as simply and quickly as possible using this betting method.

I forgot to mention we're also running a series of betting bots at the moment to test the possibility of making the entire process automated, ie set and forget. At this point we manually stop at a win, but once we get it running on autopilot fully this will appeal to a lot of people, including myself as time is precious.

Group one is now nearly full, but everyone who's been in touch to reserve your place, paid a deposit, or had some communication from me confirming I've reserved your spot, then you're definitely in for early access.

The remaining spaces I have left are from people who've made a reservation and not followed up. Which of course happens and I realize situations and availability can change.

I am however looking for a specific number to use the strategy up until release, to help me develop the perfect in play betting system on auto pilot.

You can join now with 25% off launch price for a limited time, just up until the available spaces have been taken, which I'm hoping to be done and dusted, with the doors closed on group one by early next week.

Sign Up Here £74.99 One Off fee With 25% Discount

This link will be removed once all spaces are filled.

The launch price - £99.99

Now includes six days of video from the 16th to the 21st July in the members area, with an updated PDF Guide. All the files to run with the API are sent directly with your password to access the tutorial content. Full back and support provided.

Any questions, email me at

Results Below Updated 21st July 2018

in play betting strategy

in play betting system

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