Let's Go Dutch

Imminent changes are afoot for Dutch betting members, which will see more opportunity to bet, and increased profits equaling faster total balance growth.

Let me break this down in the simplest format, as the service will be more straightforward, whilst been steadily effective in growing betting banks for my clients.

The Dutch betting service will on the 10th July begin operating using two bet types, and before the end of the month using three methods. They are as follows:

One Dutch

This is a combination of all current Dutch systems in one bet, which will increase betting opportunities for the current strategies and more overall profit.

Today as an example the Major Event Dutch bet returned a 12% profit, as shown below:

If I'd combined this with another bet I'd identified, a Super Dutch, the return today would have been 30% for a One Dutch bet as shown below:

Instead of posting just one Dutch bet daily for each system, the combined option will free up the selection process which has now become much simpler for me, and as shown above create more opportunity to bet with increased profits.

Not every day will this apply of course, but the current six Dutch betting systems will now all fall under the name One Dutch.

As the existing betting bank using 5% per bet has been published for some time, this will continue from next week reporting on the One Dutch bet.

Value Dutch Bet

I've been running this strategy and selection process for a long time now, and I'm pleased to introduce Value Dutch Bet at the same time as the One Dut