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Let's Go Dutch

Imminent changes are afoot for Dutch betting members, which will see more opportunity to bet, and increased profits equaling faster total balance growth.

Let me break this down in the simplest format, as the service will be more straightforward, whilst been steadily effective in growing betting banks for my clients.

The Dutch betting service will on the 10th July begin operating using two bet types, and before the end of the month using three methods. They are as follows:

One Dutch

This is a combination of all current Dutch systems in one bet, which will increase betting opportunities for the current strategies and more overall profit.

Today as an example the Major Event Dutch bet returned a 12% profit, as shown below:

If I'd combined this with another bet I'd identified, a Super Dutch, the return today would have been 30% for a One Dutch bet as shown below:

Instead of posting just one Dutch bet daily for each system, the combined option will free up the selection process which has now become much simpler for me, and as shown above create more opportunity to bet with increased profits.

Not every day will this apply of course, but the current six Dutch betting systems will now all fall under the name One Dutch.

As the existing betting bank using 5% per bet has been published for some time, this will continue from next week reporting on the One Dutch bet.

Value Dutch Bet

I've been running this strategy and selection process for a long time now, and I'm pleased to introduce Value Dutch Bet at the same time as the One Dutch.

This won't be every day, it can come like buses, or be just once a week when the right opportunity arises. We'll have to wait and see how it works out for the remainder of the year, as I take my racing day by day.

You can expect returns anywhere circa 20% up to 2.0 evens for this Dutch bet as shown below. Staking will be at 2.5% of total balance per bet.

Dutch Singles

I've been looking to add a supply of Dutch bets to be placed directly on to the exchange, as from time to time the BSP Multiples section takes a nose dive. Not often, but we still lost about a weeks betting over the past few months due to Betfair downtime for the BSP Multiples.

For those of you who are wondering why I'm mentioning BSP Multiples with regard to Dutch betting, these method is used to place the One Dutch and Value Dutch, as shown in the screenshots. I suggest you watch my video here on You Tube for how to place a Dutch bet using this section of Betfair.

The single Dutch bets will be sent by 1pm each day shortly after the One Dutch and Value Dutch Bet, and will be looking to achieve circa 20% to 2.0 Evens per bet.

Given the time of racing can sometimes be late evening, or we may have a major event like today at Sandown gobbling all the cash until it's over, sometimes these bets will be sent in a couple of stages throughout the day from 1pm.

Also, given the way the selection process is worked, some days it will pay for me to do this, although most days you will get the bets by 1pm.

They can be placed directly on to the exchange without the need for an API, although I personally use Fairbot and highly recommend this software, which you can use for 15 days on a free trial here. Using an API such as this allows for Dutch bets to be placed at smaller stakes, ie below £2.00 per bet.

To learn how to place Dutch bets directly on to Betfair without the need for a Dutch calculator or API, you can watch my video on You Tube here.

The staking for the Dutch singles will be half a percent of allotted bet bank per Dutch bet, starting with a £1000 that's £5.00 per bet, which I'll report in the results section based on this sized bet bank. The smaller percentage per bet is to do with the volume of bets some days which will be high, and I'm aware my members need to manage their bet banks without exposing themselves too much with liabilities.

These bets will run most days, which as I bet six days a week could be this frequent.

Also, I'll amend the members spreadsheets as commission will need to be deducted from winning bets given they are to be placed on the exchange directly.

I'll be sending the bets in screen shots such as this one below, showing my Dutch bets per race.

dutch betting system

Here is the result of the bet above, and a couple of other examples of Dutch singles from this evenings betting. You can see all of the four races won at target odds.


dutch bet

best dutch betting system



If you've any questions about my Dutch betting service, email me at and I'll get back to you asap.

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