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+338% Profit in 38 Days Betfair Trading

Only a couple of days trading under my belt this week with small margins returned, but here's this weeks update. Ideally next week I'll have much more to report on, with scheduled trading days from Thursday to Sunday.

You can get your copy the Betfair Trading Guide here, with all future updates included in your one of purchase. The next update in quarter 3 will include a new method to quickly find and apply throughout the day, and the one I'm using the most at the moment.

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £428.52

No. Days Date P&L 37 9/6/18 £5.40

38 10/6/18 £4.27

New Total £438.19

New 5% per trade amount = £21.91

9th June

swing trading

10th June

swing trader

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