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Betfair Trading +329% Profit in 36 Days

Firstly let me explain why I've recently stalled on my Betfair Trading Guide update, for the simple reason trading Betfair has become easier for me, so I need to share this information with a more in depth update.

My entire range of guide's and services are all getting an upgrade throughout June, to be correctly aligned for the second part of 2018.

The trading style I've adopted pre race has made building profits easier, reduced exposure, increased the trading options, and saved me a lot of time finding the trades.

More info to follow soon about this trading style, but it's very quick to place the trades which is vital for me right now, I value your time and my own more than ever, and wanted something that didn't involve a lot of research time, or for that matter too much risk. The increased opportunity to trade also means the risk is more spread out, although as you can see from the results I've been doing pretty good. The return per race is evening out at approximately 3% profit on investment, with the exception of the occasional fluke result returning a bit more.

If you've already bought the guide, or looking get involved now, you get all future updates included in your one off purchase.

You can purchase the current version of the Betfair Trading Guide here, which presently comes with two trading methods explained in the PDF and video walk through. The information and instructions for the new strategy will be included in the next update due for quarter 3.

Here's the latest tally for the Betfair Trading £100 to £1000 challenge, with video overviews showing the past three days results below. It's often easier to show the days round up in video than a list of screen shots.

I'd have done a voice over instead of adding music btw, but the latest Windows update has killed my new microphone, so a track I wrote about 10 years ago fit the exact length of the video, so it was meant to be. :-) You'll either love or hate the music, but it's called Daddy Mash for those interested.

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £360.32

No. Days Date P&L 34 29/5/18 £37.79

35 01/6/18 £13.29

36 02/6/18 £17.12

New Total £428.52

New 5% per trade amount = £21.43

More trading to come later in the week, with another update next Sunday.

For more details email

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