Betting In Play Results And Registration

The demand for the in play betting system has been incredible, with more interest than I can accommodate in my early release version. If you've had an email from me stating you're added to the list, then you're definitely included in the prototype offer.

Although, if you haven't registered yet and want access you can still do so by emailing me here: Which is partly the reason for this post, as I need to gauge numbers for the early release, as typically 30% who send an email drop off, which is natural of course.

I'm offering access to a small group ahead of the official scheduled release in late September/Quarter 4. There is a chance that it may never make full release to the site because I want to protect the performance, and too many users will affect this. If we reach capacity during prototype phase, then it will only be available to the first users who signed up.

Places for this prototype launch are limited obviously for this reason, but I do need a realistic assessment of numbers looking to commit. Having people who will actually use the system right from the off is important, and why I'm releasing this now to a small amount, for the prime reason I need to assess the impact on liquidity.

I'll be emailing everyone later this evening who's pledged interest, and if you still wish to get involved and secure your position then you will have the option to place a deposit to guarantee your early access via the email.

This is a first come first serve basis as I'm only accepting a small group to begin. The deposit will be deducted from the purchase price when the prototype is ready for release.

The due date for this is early quarter 3 for those who reserve access, but I'm aiming for later in June depending on progress getting all the necessary material together. The strategy comes with downloadable files created to automate the betting process, and although it's simplicity to operate on a daily basis, the set up needs covering in detail for everyone to understand.

I'll then be assessing the impact of the small volume of initial members, and providing there is no disruption to the performance I'll then allow a number of other registered members to join, with anyone who just missed out getting first option.

I'm fairly confident the liquidity won't be an issue and affect performance too much, but it pays to be cautious and not to ruin something that's making a healthy profit. I want this to work for everyone, hence the staggered cautious approach introducing it.

This first group involved may actually end up being the only group, and this strategy may never make it to actual release if I feel we've just the right amount of people using it. As not only do I want this to profitable for all registered users, I'm one of them myself and enjoying making money using it, so it's important to get this right for us all.