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Betfair Trading +260% Profit in 33 Days

I'll be updating the Betfair Trading Guide ideally before the end of the month, as I really need to get the website updates completed to free up more time for trading and expanding my betting techniques, but using Method 1 on Tuesday and Wednesday this week I was able to play quite a few successful trades.

Here's the latest tally for the Betfair Trading £100 to £1000 challenge, with screenshots and a quick video overview of yesterdays results below.

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £325.08

No. Days Date P&L 32 2/5/18 £15.83

33 3/5/18 £19.41

New Total £360.32

New 5% per trade amount for Method 1 = £18.02

For more details email

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