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Placing a Dutch Bet Using Betfair

Two short videos to demonstrate how to place a Dutch bet using Betfair BSP Multiples, and directly on to the Betfair exchange.

For any new subscribers to my Dutching service, this is essential viewing if you've never used Betfair to place a Dutch using the BSP Multiples. As it shows you the process of selecting the horses, and also explains how to place them using the multiple option when following my daily advised bets. As in, if we've two races it's a double, if three a treble, four a fourfold, or just a single race placed as a single.

If you didn't know you can place a Dutch bet using the exchange directly, with a built in system that auto calculates your stake per selection, then placing a Dutch directly on the exchange video will be a useful watch.

Placing a Dutch Bet Using Betfair BSP Multiples

Placing a Dutch Bet Directly Onto The Exchange

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