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Pre-Race Trading Update +24% Growth

The most difficult challenge with any exponential growth campaign is starting small, making those small profits into something much bigger over time. When putting in a ton of effort, and only seeing slender returns to begin, it can be quite a tough task to keep going.

Using pre-race trading to grow a balance exponentially is no exception. It's different for me as I've done this before, and actually enjoy the challenge, but for anyone new to this I know it take a lot of vision and determination.

After seven days pre-race trading / swing trading, two of which I only had time to do one race each day, the balance is up by 24%.

The amount made per trade has been hard fought, having to be at my desk to make the trades, and put as much effort in to making a few quid, as I would a couple of hundred quid a day.

I'll be trading as often as time allows this week, and growing the balance further, next week will be trickier as I'm not available most afternoons until Friday, but this all part of the challenge and demonstrating this is possible.

I've pasted below some up to date screen shots from my recent my profit and loss, a breakdown of what I did each day, and a brief video showing a couple of pre-race trades being made. Just to give a snapshot of my activity, and to show what's involved with pre-race trading.

I'm aiming for November to release my pre-race trading guide, and by then I will have increased this balance closer to the target amount. Giving a good account of the process to pre-race trade make money as a Betfair trader, and grow a small balance to much larger one entails.

The journey to turn a £100 in to £1000 pre-race trading continues.

Profit & Loss Daily Breakdown Inc Betfair's 5% Commission Deduction - £100 Start Balance:


+6.88 (3rd) +5.29 (4th) +3.84 (5th) +3.02 (6th) +0.97 (8th) +1.19 (9th) +2.75 (11th)

=£123.94 (£6.20 next trade amount using 5% of total balance)

swing trading

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