14 Races, No Losses

You can find my latest uploads in the Bet Mover Toolbox here.

My stake per bet is now £10.00 which has raised from £2.00 in a short space of time.

Still no losses after 14 races covered betting just a single back bet in the ones I was able to react quick enough, but in Race 11 returned above my stake amount which is a positive signal I'm getting faster spotting the entry points.

It's also sparked ideas for in play trading as I could have done a lot better in hindsight given the starting odds of the horse that won, but like anything practice makes perfect.

It proves that with some time logged using this platform anybody can pick it up and start making money (no offence Nige ;-).

Nigel the developer is now using it daily and getting better at spotting the opportunities, he's really starting to master it.

As you can see in the image below he returned £27.05 with an in play back to lay trade, lay bet, and a bet on the winner using £10.00 stakes.

We're all starting to edge closer to the golden £50.00 per day benchmark, which for me makes it a valid use of my time and a decent tax free second income.

I like to trade on the exchange and lay bet, and given Bet Mover gives the edge in the market like having a crystal ball in comparison to what everyone else is watching, I'll be getting in on the trading and lay betting action as soon as possible.

Before I sign off until next week I'd like to bring to your attention an important point regarding the subscription cost for Bet Mover.

As I want to reiterate the current price will raise over the coming months, and the subscription at the moment is set for early adopters.

I only emphasize this because its software that will be used as part of my weekly routine, and I'll be demonstrating how I make my money with it along with the other contributors.