Staking & Bank Management

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

I get asked all day long how much money should I invest to run a betting system, and what stake percentages should I set up.

Questions such as, 'if bet with £20 will I make £50 a day', or 'how much can I make a week, month etc if I put in X amount'...

I genuinely get the importance of staking and understand a lot of members are either new to betting or investing, and just don't know where to start.

If you're looking to run a betting or trading system you want to make sure enough money is in the kitty to make a profit over the long term, and to cover any losing periods.

This I can totally relate as someone who also started out many moons ago, and learned along the way what works for me.

I do also understand why someone would ask me this question given I run a website called Exponential Bet, and we create betting and trading products.

However, I'm not a licensed Financial Adviser, and as such can not offer advice about how anybody invests their money.

As much as I cannot directly advise you on what to do, and how to do it regarding staking and bet bank management. I can share the concept of sensible planning, and how I operate my balances.

Your staking and bank management is 100% in your control, but I will always provide all the information for you to make logical informed decisions following our betting services.

For example, on the home pages for Remote Dutch Betting and the JV System the stats are detailed for anyone to assess how much to invest over a betting period.

I will be adding downloadable full results tables to these services soon, along with my Trade Guide.

You can visit there pages here:

The published figures do not guarantee future returns, and you should always plan for the worst, which is what I do. The stats may actually produce a lot better, but you have expect any outcome could occur especially when starting out.

Budgeting for the losing spells which are inevitable is the key to success, as no system will run exactly to plan day in day out, and losing months over the betting period will naturally happen.