Expo News 24th January

In today's News update:

  • Automated Betting Strategy assessment for trend analysis updates, with insights into how each strategy bets, and new recommended points per annum for each service. This is an essential read for all members.

  • In Play Bet Club we begin getting people set up this week.

  • In other news, a new subscription level available soon for people who want to bet small stakes.


I promised at the end of last year I'd add the data behind the trend analysis updates added to each service, but wanted to get some mileage out of them before showing the rationale.

Today I show the data behind each service update, as they have all been done now at varying periods, so it's a good time to show you what to expect from the automated betting.

I have a bit of a rant in my conclusion for the automated update section about the industry I am classified as being part of, nothing too much, but I could write a lot more, and will sometime very soon.

I've added my recent results in play betting, and details of how and when we will get registered members set up ready to bet.

Plus some details about a new subscription option that will be available in the coming couple of weeks, which I think will help a lot of people get started using the services.

The amount of information on each of the strategy page and within these news blogs is overkill, but it is all relevant data.

The solution to this is to break down each aspect of the yearly, monthly, weekly, and result overview assessments and give them a permanent space to occupy.

It will reduce the clutter on each service page and also make the weekly news posts or any other update I upload a more readable length.

I enjoy collating and adding all this data to the blogs and webpages, but when I stepped back and looked at it last week after my mammoth update I realised it was all too much for most people, and it had to be presented better.

Over the course of this week and next I'll begin slimming the service pages into easier to consume sections, which I've stated I would do anyway, so this will happen over the coming fortnight without fail as it's grinding on my nerves, and I want everyone to access all the information quickly without ploughing through pages of text.

I will redesign the entire website to make it clear this is an investment based service, and not a sports tipping website.

This has to be done while still attracting people with an interest in making money from betting.

It's a fine line and balancing act to be totally frank, but I know I can improve about 80% of what is on the site to re organise the space.