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It's been a while since my last blog post, and for good reason. I'll divulge what I have been up to in detail next week.

Firstly, if you an In Play Bet Club member I'll have some updates for you on Monday next week.

Today I just want to advise anyone following a Ratchet staking plan that the quarterly reset it coming up after the final race tomorrow.

If you follow my three monthly reset plan with this staking method you will want to click on CLEAR BETS, which is located on the bot page for each strategy. It's situated on the right hand side of the BETS PLACED section.

I will be resetting my Ratchet ahead of racing commencing Thursday the 1st December, and then letting it run over December, January, and February before I reset it again.

This is just a heads up to do yours tomorrow or early Thursday morning after the final race has completed this month.

I'm aware the results need updating and things have slipped in that area of late, which without covering it in too much detail now is due to the time I had to allocate in order to complete extensive data research for In Play Bet Club.

I'll share this result data and assessment when I update the monthly, ratchet, and detailed overview figures on the first Monday of December next week.

Then after I will update results monthly moving forward on the first Monday of each new month, which given these are long term betting strategies makes sense to me, and from a resource perspective it allows me time to focus on service development.

Development of the site, the services, the guides I want to produce asap after Christmas, commence one on one training and personal live betting for members, and have more time to trend assess how the automated services can be continually improved to yield more profit with lower drawdown.

I will go over this in full next Monday, but the regular Monday updates will be replaced by updates when I have something important I need to explain to you on any day of the week.

Which could mean some weeks there is a lot of content to cover, but other weeks or months just the monthly result assessments published if everything is running smooth and no significant site updates have occurred.

There is a hell of a lot I want to share with you regarding In Play Bet Club and the Automated Services, so removing the all day routine required to update results each week means I will have more time to devote to you and the services.

To be frank I was feeling a little shackled by the weekly result updates, and also starting to realise it is pointless to assess the services weekly anyway.

Yes it can be nice to look at a service if it has made 20 points profit, and useful to acknowledge a service that may have not done well that week, but really it's the month by month numbers that matter, so I need to be stricter with my time management as it will mean I can do a lot more.

I'll be far more productive.

The recommended settings I mentioned recently will firstly be presented on site either next week or week after. In other words I will strip away all the unnecessary content for each service and across the site, focusing just on the recommended settings.

With clear examples available on each strategy page showing how to change your bot to run using my advised set up.

This is useful for existing members, and for any new subscribers it will give an immediate guide to what works best and how to set it up quickly with no confusion.

Then once this has been published over the next two weeks, I'll work with Nigel to have the Recommended Settings option included within the software, with an Override of course for everyone who wants the current freedom to bet their own way. That will never be removed, but for the reasons previously explained to help people set up how I publish the highest performing results, this will be an immediate solution, and remove some content that could be initially hard to understand.

That's it for now, I just wanted to ensure I got in touch ahead of the required CLEAR BETS for Ratchet betting if following my quarterly result updates.

I will as mentioned be back on Monday with a full site result upload, and I will stick to this on the first Monday of each month without fail.

I will also explain next week what I will be delivering for Automated Betting and In Play Bet Club members over the coming weeks and months.

No social media advertising or promotions at the moment as I am far too busy to attempt to attract new business. My prime focus is on improving the Automated Betting services, and completing a job that was voted on by the In Play Bet Club members.

It's a lot of work that's been required, and I just prioritised it over everything else to ensure I could complete it and move the site in the direction I want heading in to this new year. It's the reason I've been like the invisible man within this blog section recently, but that will all change from next week onward.

Thanks for reading


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