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Expo News 24th April

Today we cover hot air, speculation, and existentialism.

I'd suggest getting up to speed with the latest BHA news published today which you can find here:

This weeks news post is late is because I was hoping for more to report on the status of UK racing.

However, nothing really new from the BHA post on the 20th April, which I half expected, but thought we may get a glimpse at some timeline in discussion.

Given the government stated social distancing would likely be in place until the end of the year earliest, it's likely behind closed doors racing will continue until a vaccine is found.

Racing and sport in general is getting some bad press at the moment for continuing longer than it should have, with Cheltenham and the Liverpool match in the spotlight.

I personally feel the pressure of the industry financial losses pushing for a return to what they describe as baby steps back to some kind of daily race card by June, will outweigh any public bad taste for sports to return.

As explained in my opening line however, this is hot air and speculation.

The fact of the matter is the racing industry and myself have to report something, and nobody knows exactly what's going to happen next.

All I know for sure is that I'm looking forward to racing restarting when it's safe to do so, especially seeing how the current strategies adapt to the new race card set up.

The betting systems at Exponential Bet running before racing ceased were performing well, both Remote Daily Betting and JV MK2 on an upward curve.

I've had dialogue with Nigel during lockdown, with a meeting scheduled over the weekend to discuss the strategies, and to include admin features allowing me to adapt to the new racing landscape.

Which is sensible considering we've no idea how this will affect the way we make money from RDB and JV MK2.

I'll be able to manually assess the racing against the template set up for both strategies, and make sure the systems only run within races previously identified, whilst also assessing the opportunities to profit from the remainder within the adjusted post lockdown race card.

I'm looking forward to getting stuck in as I know the systems inside out, so working with what the BHA describe in their news update already paints some image of how I can adapt, if this in fact is what rolls out.

With Trump advising people injecting disinfectant may be a solution, China in denial of responsibility with tension building, the UK gov chasing their tails on what they advise, mask or no mask that is the question, and the prospect of a second or even third wave developing as some countries tighten restrictions after loosening them, who actually knows anything for certain right now.

What I do know is when we get a date for racing to resume in whatever form, Exponential Bet will be ready to go from day one,

Shortly after getting a date I'll be in touch with members to confirm extension dates to cover the downtime, with subscription details explaining how this will work.

Existing members you can find out more about managing your membership options here:

From my personal perspective working within the sports betting industry things are quite strange, and trying to justify our relevance, what contribution we make, and what value our existence brings to the world is something I do not have an answer.

Creatively I've struggled to be motivated to work on new betting and trading projects, but from an admin perspective getting organised to resume with RDB and JV MK2, sorting out the logistics or membership extensions, and Cloud Bet Bot admin features, data analysis etc, I've had no problem.

I think because I know how these two strategies contribute already, and adapting to the new challenge ahead is something I'm excited about.

The responsibility that comes with ensuring paying members continue after lockdown using these systems effectively has moved me along to do what's necessary, and this is the primary factor here.

Actually looking ahead beyond this at what I was working to introduce shortly before lockdown, this carries a lot of uncertainty with what we will have to work with, so I'm of the mindset this will unfold naturally once things get moving.

Nigel and myself do have some exciting new plans for members once we can judge the new landscape, and the trading service will be at the forefront linked directly to Hedger Pro.

Having this time to step away from the daily routine has been a blessing in a lot of ways, the pandemic aside, as it's given us a clear picture of how we want to work, and how we can best deliver our services to members.

I'd like to personally thank members of Exponential Bet for both your understanding and continued support during this downtime.

I hope you are managing in your own personal lives through this health and economic crisis.

I'll write again in about a weeks time, as I don't want to clog up your inbox unless I've got something to share.

Thank you for reading.


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