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Bet & Trade News 20th December

In today's new post:

  • Free Trade Method 1 Guide

  • Automated Trading Plans

  • In Play Betting & Trading

  • Cloud Bet Bot Strategies

  • 2021

Free Trade Method 1 Guide

This is a straightforward trading technique when applied correctly I've found to be consistently profitable.

You will be able to learn and apply this on a daily basis, with access just requiring a registration.

I'm sharing this next week at Exponential Bet free of charge.

This will as promised be available before Christmas by the end of business on Tuesday 22nd December.

My advice is to take some time to read through it over the holidays, watch the video examples, and set up a balance to begin practising in the new year which you can gradually build up over time.

I'll be adding a lot more trading content online early next year to give extra support to this free guide, and add more examples showing it being applied across race days.

The selection method for choosing the horses to trade operates using the free online platform Hedger Pro.

This is by far the easiest resource to have everything at a glance in my opinion, but the trade technique is not reliant on Hedger Pro as you can use other sources which I explain in the guide.

The trade method 1 can also be applied using alternate software, although for demonstration purposes I show how to do it all in one with Hedger Pro. If you're already using something else for your betting and trading you will see this can easily be transferred to your software of choice.

There will be further video demonstrations included in the new year with other well established online data resources to source selections, and showing the trade in operation with my own downloadable trading platform of choice Fairbot.

Within this latest update next week however the primary explanation trade is completed start to end using Hedger Pro.

There will be some brief demonstrations using Fairbot included taken from previously published examples, and a file to import to the strategy editor.

You can use this now, or wait for me to add more content from January's racing with this software, but I've included the file to import now if you're confident enough to use it without the extra guidance just yet.

This extra tuition importing the Fairbot file and set up will follow soon in January, so please do be patient as it's on the way.

The trade method itself as explained is a straightforward technique that can be applied regularly, and I've had consistent success with it, but this is a manual trade you locate and place yourself, and not a fully automated set up and leave service running with Cloud Bet Bot.

I've been asked this a lot lately so just to be 100% clear, you find the trades using the advice in the guide and either trade them manually, or you can use the automated features within Hedger Pro, Fairbot, or other platforms you can set up trades to place unattended.

There are some pros and cons of course for both arguments regarding automating your trading or being hands on, and I cover this in the guide.

However, just to recap I'll have this first edition of the free guide published and online by the end of play on the 22nd December.

Automated Trading Plans

We had ambitions when initially creating automated betting strategies using Cloud Bet Bot to introduce fully automated trading services.

Given the way the platform is set up and our experience developing it over the past year it became obvious that as an automated betting operation it's fantastic, and is now finely tuned to place bets accurately for hundreds of members using full automation programmed within the software.

However, as a platform to place automated trades from start to end, ie back to lay, lay to back, scalping, swing trading, whatever, it is not there yet!

It could do this for a small limited number of people to some degree, but as a service to produce and make available for whoever wished to join it is not practical.

The markets are not big enough, while also acknowledging the limitations of trading using online software in comparison to downloadable software.

It is true that running any automated betting or trading locally as software running on your PC can be a risky business, as your internet could drop, the PC or software crash, and so on.

However, with online software trading using Cloud Bet Bot at this moment there are other limitations which over shadow running these trades locally your PC. Cloud Bet Bot is by far the best online platform for automated betting, but for trading operating this way it is just not designed to work that way.

The main issue is that as a service we could not guarantee the accuracy of the trades placed for everyone subscribed.

Whereas with the betting strategies using Cloud Bet Bot we can do this given the BSP option is available.

Exchange betting is also available, but of course this is widely published that as much as it is in most cases more profitable, it does come with the caveat that everyone using it will have a slightly different profit or loss given the bets are being presented to a live ever changing market of prices going up and down.

We very rarely have anyone unmatched using the exchange with the betting strategies, I cannot remember the last time an issue was reported.

With trading pre race though there would be no split of BSP and exchange betting which once matched are set in place with betting.

Instead it would be a case of members being matched at differing back and lay prices returning widely varied profits or losses, and for a large portion of members unmatched leaving liabilities that would run in play. That is unacceptable for me to continue pursuing this feature using an online remotely operated platform.

The logistics of this running as a service for hundreds or possibly thousands of members all looking for the same trade opportunities and outcomes goes far beyond the challenges we have face when creating fully automated betting services.

Leaving bets unmatched or not getting matched on one side of the trade but the other creating potentially huge liabilities, will fall miles short of delivering a complete automated trading service, so this is not an option for me.

That would of course defeat the object of operating a fully automated pre race trading strategy for our members, so it's time to give up the ghost.

This is not to say I will be giving up pursuing fully automated trading using locally ran software where everyone has some control of what they set up on their own machine, and can either import, activate a daily template, or select horses to automatically trade in a hedge fund style.

That is very much part of what I will be devoting a large chunk of my time next year, and will make this available as a stand alone one service.

For anyone that's been following my work since 2017 you will know this was my original intention for automated trading, but as we ventured toward fully hands off online automation territory my head was turned at the prospect of making that a reality.

My absolute priority is to provide services that do what they are supposed to, which a fully automated online based trading service would not be able to confidently operate.

After a lot of dialogue with level software who provide Cloud Bet Bot, stretching the theory and reality gap to the extreme, I'm back where I was at the start with this concept, but with a vast wealth of knowledge to utilize I did not have a few years back.

Adding fully automated trading options using local software when done right will be an exciting addition to what we already offer at Exponential Bet with the current fully automated betting services.

In Play Betting & Trading

This is something that is very close to being available, and has a platform created specifically for people to subscribe and watch in play racing like never before with a true edge on the market.

It's not a fully automated service, and you will need time in the day or evening with this software, however the tools that have been created by level software to put you seconds ahead of the in play action mean you can regularly capitalize on this.

My plans to include this for members is to simply use it often, record video content for You Tube, and provide additional online guides as the software develops over time.

Imagine watching a race on live stream which is pretty much the most up to date option available to follow the races compared to Sky Racing and Racing TV, but instead of relying on what you're viewing there you have a 5 second jump on what's about to happen compared to 99% of the market following the racing on TV.

This is what you can expect with the in play bet and trade platform about to be introduced early January.

I'll keep you posted with this as the project unfolds, and I begin to record content to publish.

Cloud Bet Bot Strategies

What a year its been for racing with the behind closed doors return after the break due to lockdown, and now as we enter another phase with tier 4 restrictions how will this impact racing.

Each of the Cloud Bet Bot strategies Bet Focus, Sure Favs, Bet Advantage, Racing Lays, and Lay Dutching are set up for long term goals.

This means 2020's betting activity showing the ups and downs reflect a mere blip on the timeline, and as much as the points profit totals from June show positive for virtually all services, this does not come anywhere near to reflect the longer term potential goals for these automated services.

A Cloud Bet Bot strategy showing over 100 points profit in six months, or three weeks in the case of Bet Focus as shown below, could this time in a year or two be in the thousands.

Bet Focus 30.11.20 to 19.12.20 - Straight Betting Selected - No Ratchet

BSP - Green Line

Exchange (MTP) Blue Line

betting system

You can view the latest results for each automated betting strategy updated on site every Monday evening.

They are trend based strategies each of them set up to move with the times.

However, when created these we can honestly state we did not predict such strange times ahead over 2020, I mean who did!?

In comparison to services that have been created with a strict template we have a distinct advantage, as the foundation for each strategy will remain the same for our services, but we have flexibility to adjust the trend factors such as jockey, trainer, race rules etc to keep up with the rapidly changing face of UK racing.

As the industry settles gradually back to normality we will capitalize with all our automated betting strategies over time, and I'm comfortable with each whether they are having a good run at the moment or not, as I'm confident they will all show enough form to achieve targets, and overachieve in some instances over the years to come.

The only new addition to the automated services which I'll keep you informed about as it develops is the place market service.

We're still accumulating market data and setting up the bot for open development testing, which you will receive an invite once available.

Other than this single new addition to complete the automated set up that covers backing, laying, multiple backing and laying, with the place market to be included for both back and lay, this for me covers all bases with what I've aimed to achieve with fully automated betting using Cloud Bet Bot.

I want all these services to now settle in over the years and prove my point made above, that when set up correctly with the right points balance for each they are exceptional long term investments.

Any future strategies above and beyond the services available now with the place market to follow on Cloud Bet Bot will run locally or manually placed.

If you want to find out more about the automated betting strategies, money management etc, the FAQ is a great resource of information and updated regularly:

If you wish to subscribe to any of the services and looking at more than one to begin using, the One Subscription plan always offers the best value for money.

The One Subscription provides access to everything at a much better rate than if subscribing individually, but just because you would have access to it all does not mean you need to run all options.

I always recommend looking at the services you want to run first to decide what is right for you and your goals, style of betting, and comfort zone.

You can find all the subscription options with links to each service to find out more here:


2020 has been a strange year for obvious reasons with each of us having our own challenges to face.

Next year my daily work routine will change from solely working on automated strategy development, to include recording and uploading new in play or pre race trade content to You Tube and here on site.

I'll be adding stand alone services to expand on what I will also make freely available.

The in play bet and trade service will develop its own following, as will the pre race trading services.

Full automation ran locally for trading will be developed in public and shared here in the blog until available with examples of my progress.

While the current automated betting strategies settle in to the new race trends and set up to achieve their annual profit goals.

Somewhere close to March or April 2021 after extensive live testing and development we will include the place market betting option to Cloud Bet Bot, which will then complete the set of automated online betting strategies to the portfolio.

I'm keeping it simple in 2021 compared to 2020 regardless of what lunacy we encounter with Covid, Brexit, or god knows what else, while focusing on providing a lot more free and stand alone content.

For the past couple of years I've been on a quest to create fully automated betting services in the best way possible, and with the help of Nigel at Level Software he's worked with me to make this possible, and completely online compatible with all devices, which has been a lot of huff and puff to get to the stage.

We feel that we've now got every option covered with what's available on the exchange for horse racing, and may at some point later in the year look at football, but the immediate goal is to ensure the current strategies both perform to full potential and we continue to improve while maintaining the Cloud Bet Bot platform they populate and utilize and Researcher that communicates with the betting bot.

This means I can do something I've wanted for a long time, which is to spend my time recording and creating live content for members and followers.

Now the ambition of fully automated online trading has been put to bed as explained above with Cloud Bet Bot, I can put time and effort in to developing this on local platforms such as Fairbot.

While giving back as much free content as possible over the course of 2021, showing how I get the most out of the in play tool Nigel is developing, and how to apply the pre race trades giving you the confidence to give it a go.

None of us know what to expect in 2021 with the state of the world as it is now, and life's priorities for everyone I know including myself have changed as a result of where we live in the world and how the restrictions affect us.

However, providing there are sports on the betting exchange we will have always have automated betting, trading, and in play action to profit from at Exponential Bet.

Thanks for reading today.

I'll be back in touch on Tuesday eve with the instructions for how to access the first edition of the trade method 1 guide.

Then after I'll be offline for the remainder of 2020 preparing for an exciting new year for Exponential Bet members.

Best Regards


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