Bet & Trade News 20th December

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Free Trade Method 1 Guide

This is a straightforward trading technique when applied correctly I've found to be consistently profitable.

You will be able to learn and apply this on a daily basis, with access just requiring a registration.

I'm sharing this next week at Exponential Bet free of charge.

This will as promised be available before Christmas by the end of business on Tuesday 22nd December.

My advice is to take some time to read through it over the holidays, watch the video examples, and set up a balance to begin practising in the new year which you can gradually build up over time.

I'll be adding a lot more trading content online early next year to give extra support to this free guide, and add more examples showing it being applied across race days.

The selection method for choosing the horses to trade operates using the free online platform Hedger Pro.

This is by far the easiest resource to have everything at a glance in my opinion, but the trade technique is not reliant on Hedger Pro as you can use other sources which I explain in the guide.

The trade method 1 can also be applied using alternate software, although for demonstration purposes I show how to do it all in one with Hedger Pro. If you're already using something else for your betting and trading you will see this can easily be transferred to your software of choice.

There will be further video demonstrations included in the new year with other well established online data resources to source selections, and showing the trade in operation with my own downloadable trading platform of choice Fairbot.

Within this latest update next week however the primary explanation trade is completed start to end using Hedger Pro.