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+500 Points Per Annum JV System

Today's post covers the JV System created between Keith from Focus Ratings, Nigel at Hedger Pro, and myself (in case you're new here, I'm Ryan at Exponential Bet).

We're delighted to be able to deliver this system on schedule at the end of the month, and with a predicted +500 points balance growth pa.

I'll go over the stats and more of what to expect in this post, including the cost to get involved, and how to register, but for anyone not up to speed with the JV System's progress let me cover the basics of what to expect.

As you may have read in my previous post we're preparing to release this strategy using the cloud based set up on the 31st October. You can read the blog here if you missed it.

The JV System will place daily bets within the applicable filter range using full automation, with the bets placed directly to member accounts using the betting exchange in conjunction with Cloud Bet Bot, which is a licensed Betfair product.

This system is not available to members who wish to place the bets manually or using bookmakers, this is an exchange based service only.

Members manage their staking within Cloud Bet Bot setting up a start balance and betting amount, then once set up the system is left to run fully automated.

No daily input required, no VPS, and it operates across all devices, ie PC, Mac, Mobile.

You set your stake amount, turn off your device, and just leave it to operate.

The data for the system comes from Focus Ratings, but uses the filtering power from Race Researcher.

You can read more about Race Researcher here :

You can find out more and sign up to receive Focus Ratings here, with your first month half price:

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Focus Ratings last year, and instantly couldn't help be impressed with the level of quality and accuracy of data, which I could translate to profitable betting and trading opportunities.

Keith who runs this service is a great guy and consummate professional, so it was only a matter of time before we collaborated on our own project.

If you're looking for race data to improve your betting and trading, then I'd strongly recommend you take a look at Focus Ratings.

To be clear you don't need a subscription to Focus Ratings to use the JV System, everything is included within the service, no software to download, and as explained the selections are placed automatically using a combination of ratings data filtered through Race Researcher.

I'm simply mentioning Focus Ratings as it's the foundation of the JV System, and for those who like to create their own strategies you will in my opinion find this an essential tool.

Now back to the JV System and what you can expect from the profit growth, cost of subscription, and how you can get involved.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so let me show you the results from January 2018 up to the present October 2019.

This screenshot is taken from Race Researcher.

profitable betting system

From left to right you can see the blue line on the graph which represents the back betting line of growth, the red line shows lay betting, and the profit decrease over time for this.

The steady upward increase in balance growth back betting represents the 22 month period, which at this moment has a total of 1381 points increase.

A slow start over the first few months, although still in profit. A characteristic of this betting method we've identified is that January, February, and March are the slowest months, contributing to just 209 points profit.

The breakdown over the two years demonstrated here gives a total of 804 points accumulated during 2018, and 577 so far in 2019. The strategy is actually profitable over three years of assessment, and we're in process of adding up to 10 years to work with, but in reality a two year betting period when filtering the parameters to return a consistent profit shows us enough of what we need to see.

The stats box on the right shows the 100% Chi-square percentage (, then the total number of runs assessed using the RR race filters, giving us the 7111 figure.

We had 4776 races from this total number of runners, as some races we'll have more than one selection available which the system will place a bet.

From this point within the stat box you can see the results are split between back on the left, with the lay outcomes on the right hand side going down.

The JV System is a flat staking backing method, so we're solely focused on the left backing side only.

Breaking this down it's easy to see why this system will be such a valuable asset to our betting portfolio.

With 4776 races producing 1600 winning bets, this demonstrates a very robust performance, with an overall strike rate of 22.5% from the total wins divided by the number of runs, and impressive 19.43% return on our total investment.

This also makes it an exciting strategy to follow, with enough wins over the timeline to weather the losing spells.

You will not win every race, losses are inevitable with any betting strategy, and these are clearly represented within the stats and graph.

betting system

The image above shows today's bets, which is a typical amount of bets for a Sunday. From the five horses the strategy selected one was removed (R), two lost (L), and two won (W), but overall returned approx 4.5 points profit.

We won't win everyday, the strategy is set up to win a lot more money than we lose over time, not win every race.

The value of the strategy comes from the odds of the selections on the win, as you can see with today's results.

No human intervention occurs here, it's all 100% data driven running from the JSON feed that arrives from Focus Ratings at 7am, and then filtered through Race Researcher's selection criteria, before qualifying bets are placed to members Betfair accounts.

As we originally promised with this strategy, and in fact any created using Race Researcher data, we want to paint a full and true image of what you can expect over a betting period.

It's critically important we have this information in order to continually create profitable betting and trading systems, but most importantly to look after our members, and build a reputation you can trust with this selection and bet placement process.

No other website or service provider has the tools to create systems using the data and filters we have, so let's really enjoy this moment and take advantage of it right now to capitalize.

It's vital for us the system creators and you the user know what to expect over a betting period.

We need to know this in order to identify the best opportunities, but you need to also prepare your investment, and know how you should expect to manage this.

The final couple of stats to assess from the results information above are the commission, which you can set to 2% if based in the UK. You can watch a video within a blog we published recently showing you how to do this here:

I'd strongly recommend you set this to 2% as it makes a huge difference to the long term profits.

Then we have DD which is the drawdown amount, meaning the total amount of decline in the investment fund. You can see the lowest point here is 51 points dip.

This is what you need to be prepared for with any betting system if you aim to achieve success over a longer period, because as stated you will not win all the time.

As an example, if you joined in July 2018 according to the results you would enjoy a very positive run of winners, but if you joined around late October 2018 it looks from the graph that the highest percentage drawdown occurred here up until December 2018, after which things begin to significantly pick up.

If this was your entry point and you quit, ie didn't budget correctly to allow for losing spells, you would then miss out on circa 700 points balance growth up to the present day.

It's important you bear this in mind, and understand we are giving you a realistic overview of this strategy which you can see is built on accurate data.

We hope you find this a refreshing change, and from our perspective we couldn't be happier to be able to provide this information to back everything up.

1381 points profit over 22 months betting, flat stake, no loss recovery, fully automated, and a hands off investment, makes this a very appealing proposition.

I hope this has given you a clear of what to expect.

Hopefully you understand the amount of time and effort we've put in creating the strategy, the system creator, time setting this up to run fully automated, and exactly how serious we're taking this long term investment.

For me personally, I'm very excited to have this now in my betting portfolio contributing to my annual tax free income.

Now let me get to the cost to subscribe to the JV System.

The initial cost to join is £99.99 which covers your membership for the first three months. After this point the service rolls over to a monthly subscription of £29.99.

You subscription covers everything you need to run the JV System. Cloud Bet Bot access, and the system itself to place the bets. Nothing else to pay to get started.

We'll also have options for members who wish to join on a yearly subscription from launch, which will give a saving on the annual cost. More details to follow on this when I send my invitations to everyone registered.

If you'd like to register for the JV System you just need to send me an email to requesting to be added to the list.

If you've already registered and received confirmation you're on the list, you do not need to re register you spot is definitely reserved.

I'll blog again over the next few days with more details about Remote Dutch Betting, which also relaunches this month using Race Researcher data, and has new staking plan to maximize profits while reducing exposure on the bets.

Additionally, I want to cover Race Researcher in more detail as it's received a major update which you may have noticed from the extra output stats. The platform now communicates with the cloud service in a very sophisticated way, which I'll explain in more detail.

Also, I published a blog on titled, 'The Year I Retire', which you can read here:

Later this week I have a follow up post to add to this, covering my definition of retirement. As I've had some cracking interactions from members after publishing this, and it sparked my interest to write an addendum to this blog.

In the meantime if you would like to share your own definitions of what you envisage your retirement to be, or you're aiming for, or even what you're enjoying now in your retirement I'd really like to hear from you.

If you've any other questions please get in touch, and I'll get back to you asap.

Thank you


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