+500 Points Per Annum JV System

Today's post covers the JV System created between Keith from Focus Ratings, Nigel at Hedger Pro, and myself (in case you're new here, I'm Ryan at Exponential Bet).

We're delighted to be able to deliver this system on schedule at the end of the month, and with a predicted +500 points balance growth pa.

I'll go over the stats and more of what to expect in this post, including the cost to get involved, and how to register, but for anyone not up to speed with the JV System's progress let me cover the basics of what to expect.

As you may have read in my previous post we're preparing to release this strategy using the cloud based set up on the 31st October. You can read the blog here if you missed it. https://www.exponentialbet.co.uk/post/system-update-15th-october

The JV System will place daily bets within the applicable filter range using full automation, with the bets placed directly to member accounts using the betting exchange in conjunction with Cloud Bet Bot, which is a licensed Betfair product.

This system is not available to members who wish to place the bets manually or using bookmakers, this is an exchange based service only.

Members manage their staking within Cloud Bet Bot setting up a start balance and betting amount, then once set up the system is left to run fully automated.

No daily input required, no VPS, and it operates across all devices, ie PC, Mac, Mobile.

You set your stake amount, turn off your device, and just leave it to operate.

The data for the system comes from Focus Ratings, but uses the filtering power from Race Researcher.

You can read more about Race Researcher here : https://www.exponentialbet.co.uk/post/race-researcher