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The Year I Retire

I set up Exponential Bet a few years ago to share my journey to early retirement, and the only thing that's changed is I'm now a lot closer to reaching target than when I began.

The past few years has been about learning, and refining the best methods to achieve this using the betting exchange. While making valuable connections to create win win scenarios for all involved.

Exponential Bet isn't a big business, it's not owned by a corporate entity within the industry.

I've no hidden agenda to push other services on you, or guide your betting or trading for the good of a global giant to capitalize somehow on the markets.

Everything produced on the site is my own work, or a collaboration with other companies I trust after and testing their data, systems, or software, and feel you would benefit from knowing about them. It's really that simple.

The reason I'm explaining this is to be clear I'm not governed by anyone else. As you will see a lot of other sites within the gambling / gaming industry are related, or owned by various groups. This isn't the case with Exponential Bet, Hedger Pro, Cloud Bet Bot, or Focus Ratings which I'm closely connected.

Nothing that I now have has come easy, and for the connections I've made along the way to help get me here I'm eternally grateful.

I'm not anti capitalism when I mention these big boys in the industry, although it's obviously not perfect, but the big corps that influence the industry are part of what provide us with opportunities to capitalize. Everything has its place and purpose.

The point I'm driving toward here is that I'm only human, and as this site is my personal journey to calmer waters and a better life in retirement while I'm still pretty enough (joke) to appreciate it. In all seriousness I have a personal investment in to how things eventually conclude.

I'm not detached as an employee looking to push merchandise or products on you, and everything that goes through the site personally impacts my life as it does yours. I want nothing more than every member to be successful.

For a star to shine bright it takes a shitload of darkness, which translates very well to our personal and business lives. Anything worthwhile never comes easy, and luckily I've known this for a long time.

I've a clear plan for how things will eventually pan out with Exponential Bet, and everything that's occurred so far is part of the building process to reach the final destination.

Its not all been a rose garden, and in both my personal and business life I've had my challenges along the way. A lot of lessons have been learned this year, and without blowing my own trumpet it's how we deal with what's thrown at us that counts.

I've made some important decisions for the good of the service I provide to my members, and because as I wrote above when I conclude this site knowing every single subscribed member has hit their own personal targets following my services, I want to feel a sense of accomplishment.

I'll continue to run exclusively to a list of members when I retire, as I'll be betting and trading to the day I croak it, but my daily routine will slow down significantly with the running of the site.

How this all works out will be agreed nearer the time, and all subscribed members will get exactly what they paid for without question, more if I can provide it.

It's about reaching my goal of early retirement feeling a sense of pride, and knowing as long as it took to get there I delivered on my promises. That's very important to me.

Now here's my prediction for when I'll be able to retire in the way I envisage...

The way things are panning out working with Nigel and Keith, and some of the exciting projects we have in the pipeline for extracting profit from the exchange, along with some other crowd funded ground up software creation, I would like to think by the end of next year I can hang up my hat.

I have given myself until I reach 50 (presently 48), which adds a further six months buffer on to that target, but in order for me to hit my own financial goals and share this information with you, I'd like to do it sooner than later.

As mentioned 2019 has been a challenge for many personal reasons, health, family, friendships, partnerships in business, and the loss of loved ones closest to me. All this takes its toll and has an impact on our overall performance, but here I am now refreshed, and ready to go again feeling stronger than ever.

I consider myself lucky in so many ways, and as low as we can go with what life hands us, I always remind myself I have so much opportunity, and feel a responsibility to each and every member of my site to over deliver on my pledge.

The remainder of 2019 I'll be introducing new scheduled services I've written about previously, and re issuing existing services paused during transfer to the cloud service, or due to Betfair playing silly buggers decommissioning facilities.

This will happen while we introduce new filters created by Race Researcher to Remote Dutch Betting, and the re introduced systems that previously ran using Expo Bot, that will now run using Cloud Bet Bot.

These long term growth strategies we're finalizing will transform how Exponential Bet operates, and by early 2020 they will all be there running for existing members on closed groups, or for some that allow for higher market volume be available to sign up.

Also this year Hedger Pro will have its library created containing tutorial and system information, so members can hit the ground running using the platform.

Then into next year as this gathers momentum, as early as possible we'll create a community for members to interact and share strategies, and help each other using Hedger Pro, also help us develop it to become a benchmark product in the industry.

Mid to end of next year everything will be set in place, with new modules or cloud services added as and when Race Researcher generates opportunities to combine strategies. Which at the moment it's churning out profitable systems.

You'll be seeing more of me on You Tube and getting more hands on with my scheduled webcast, which is something I'm very excited to set up.

Planning big takes a long time, it doesn't happen overnight, but I've know this all along, and I've wanted to create something I can leave behind as my legacy.

I'll not quit until I'm satisfied this is the case, but I stand by my prediction 2020 has the potential to get each and every member over the line, and if I can reach this early retirement target by Christmas next year, you're all invited to the party of all parties... When I wrap up Exponential Bet this will be the party you never forget!

Right I'm signing off for the eve...

Tomorrow morning I'm working on Race Researcher, then I've a meeting with Nigel at midday to drill through the Remote Dutch Bet filters we'll be running this week in developer mode, then it's busy busy making the most of the day.

Ideally tomorrow the draw down numbers will be available which I'll report in another blog post, and I'll reveal some other strategies we're working on.



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