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How to Get Off the Merry-Go-Round

A jolly title for a topic as serious as a heart attack!

At the end of 2017 I made a pact with myself to step it up several gears with everything I invest time, energy, and of course my money. This blog is a brief overview of how I'll be spending my days this year, and some personal goals I'm happy to share.

early retirement

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." Zig Ziglar

This isn't an attitude readjusting article, or anything like that. These are quite literally the things I'm investing in to kiss goodbye to the routine.

Let's waste not a second longer, here's my escape plan in six strategic steps, anyone care to join me?

1. Introducing money on auto pilot - Your eyes do not deceive you, money for you and me without the grind. For a while now I've ran Betsender betting bot with a variety of strategies.

Involving a lot of trial and error looking for the perfect formula to hang my hat on. I can safely say I reached the sweet spot approximately six months ago, and watched my betting balance increase steadily ever since.

The yearly growth predictions for the Football Betting Bot and Place Market Bot published on their respective pages, are actually modest estimates. I've been achieving a fair bit more over the past couple of months.

They both can be ran using different settings to reduce bet exposure. Percentage growth results published monthly are running at maximum reduction. Like the Dutch strategies you can invest more aggressively, but like anything faster profits come with more exposure to balance swings. I personally run the bots at different levels to both scoop a safe return, and stress test the settings at the same time using lower stakes.

I'm heavily invested in to these strategies, and will be covering the growth process in detail within the set up guides. Hitting zero liability and proceeding just with profit is part of the strategy. Nothing is sweeter than building a nest egg with money you've effectively been given.

So, let's start the day with a strong espresso latte made to perfection by my own fair hands, strength 5 of course (ten points if you spot what's on my geeky mouse mat), and click start betting on the betting bot for my active strategies.

betfair trader

This is the easiest of all betting systems to operate, and takes a minute to hit start betting on each bot.

If you're interested in either of these bet bot systems, you should register by sending an email, and as long as you purchase by the 14th January via the time sensitive PayPal link you'll receive, this will be applied. My email is

Both of these automated betting systems will be added to the site for purchase on the 12th January.

2. Dutch the Day - Last year was just a warm up for the Dutch strategies.

For a bedding in period 634% balance growth for Dutch 1, and 324% increase for Dutch 3 was an impressive ROI to wrap up the year. The staking I felt was bit high though, and the year tapered out with fewer available betting options, mainly due to the weather, with more abandoned meetings and poor racing. You can never force a bet, whatever racing is available each day is what you have to work with.

Commencing 2018 with 5 active Dutch betting strategies, it's already been a busy start. A new year brings new targets and a different staking plan. For all 5 Dutch betting systems I predict steady and impressive growth, with each system at bare minimum doubling the betting investment, and at least two strategies hitting 300% ROI upwards.

Finding the suitable Dutch bets each day is something I'll even do in retirement, as I enjoy the process, and couldn't walk away from virtually unlimited balance growth using these exchange based Dutch multiple bets.

3. Football Prediction Profits - Time for another latte and to analyze the days football betting opportunities. With the introduction of my new steady growth staking system, 2018 will be huge for this service.

Football is by far one of the most difficult sports to predict for a multitude of reasons. The new staking approach takes care of the moments when I hit the post, and takes advantage of the steady conversion rate to keep pushing the balance the right way.

4. Lay Back & Get Rich - During the early part of this year I'll be adding win, place, and lay bets to my subscription service. A tried and tested template to grow my betting investments.

I've already added free lay and win tips to the site at the end of last year, both showing small but decent gains.


5. Pre-Race Trade - This is something I'll definitely be doing more of, as it's incredibly profitable, but does require time available during the day. Which is something I haven't had in abundance in the latter half of last year, but will ensure I schedule into my afternoons at least a few days a week from now on.

As you can read in the £100 to £1000 challenge posted in my blog, within 18 allotted days I spent pre-race trading during 2017, I doubled my investment. So, in under 3 weeks it's possible to double a betting bank.

Apply exponential growth to these numbers, and early retirement arrives on the bullet train.

The pre-race trading guide gives my selection process to find the trades, and introduces Betfair trading for beginners, this is due for release on the 16th January.

If you're interested in this you should register by sending me an email, and as long as you purchase via the time sensitive PayPal link you'll receive by the 19th January, a 25% discount will be applied. You can email me to claim this discount to

6. Crypto Investing - I've only started sharing my opinions on long term investing in cryptocurrency. This is something I've done for years, with my return on investment to date out weighing anything else, and I'm learning all the time.

What I do believe is that we're entering an exhilarating period for cryptocurrency, this year is going to see this still relatively niche market take off in a way that can't be quantified through previously assessed projection methods.

The opportunity to earn quite literally crazy money from a select list of Alt Coins and Bitcoin itself, is right there and ready to be seized by those who make the shrewd investments now. The biggest mistake anyone can make is to do nothing, and never has this been more relevant than with cryptocurrency investing.

My latest blog posts on cryptocurrency investing cover a new coin I backed during its ICO period, and gives details about how to purchase the coin. Today I'm looking at a 1300% ROI with ETN, and predict to see this sky rocket over the next year or two. You can read the cryptocurrency thread so far here.

I'm a long term investor in these coins and not a day trader. When I hang up my spurs and disappear up my own, oh hang on, I mean retire and enjoy an easier life, I feel cryptocurrency investing will have played a major part in making this happen.

I'll be adding a list of coins to look at in 2018 later this week, some you pick up for a few pence, others depending how much you invest, you're buying a share of and enjoying the ride.

I do also invest in other business ideas, and I'm an avid fan of Kickstarter, crowd funding property ventures and a few others, but these are six solid methods included in this post that I use daily, and will play a combined active role in helping me hit my financial targets.

As always I have to add, these are my opinions and not considered financial advice. Please always bet, trade, and invest with money you can afford to lose.

In saying this, I hope you decide to join me on my get the hell out of dodge to sunnier climates where I dance to my own tune mission, following this 6 step plan.

Any questions, please drop me an email to,


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