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Ways To Make Money

Most people make money to survive by working for someone else, and not particularly enjoying the experience.

Typically it's not something they have a passion for, or a passive income with the benefit of free time to invest elsewhere.

The fact the majority work to pay bills and just get by is a sad fact, and in my opinion making and managing money is something to be taught by parents and in school.

If you've been brought up to understand the value of money and how to invest wisely, then you're one of the lucky ones who got to start from an early age.

My parents as lovely as they are taught me none of this, they encouraged me to be a child and enjoy my youth.

Then in later life pushed me to get a steady job, in fact they wanted me to join the RAF, which I entertained the idea briefly, passed the tests and was accepted with the role of photo interpreter waiting for me.

Instead I went on to be a self employed club promoter, band manager, and occasional DJ..... A whole other story in itself, and they were obviously not too impressed with my life choices at that time.

They said find something stable, a job for life (which doesn't exist these days), and just work hard, keep your head down etc.

Never once advised me to invest my money, pay myself first, and learn about building a portfolio to retire as quickly as possible, if only... I did come from a loving family and the value of that is priceless, but I obviously look back at the time wasted due to lack of direction with a modicum of regret.

The advantage kids have these days with the internet and available knowledge at their fingertips is mind blowing, literally puts the world at their feet when it comes to creating opportunities for wealth creation.

This is like something from sci fi movie compared to how anyone pre internet, wi fi, smart tech etc used to find out what was going on the in the world. We had the TV, radio, newspapers, and the library, that was our Google.

The advice I received was to put my cash into a saving account, and be thankful for the crappy interest.

The whole notion of being self employed scared my parents to death, they thought I was taking a huge risk with my first real start up print and design business, as working for someone else was the safe option in their minds.

They are in fact now very proud of me and can see it's been the right thing for me to do, but when setting up on your own you need to be pig headed, and very often ignore the advice of those closest to you. Your family will say things to persuade you to go the safe route because they love you, not because they actually know what they are talking about in most cases.

It's programmed in to the lions share of the working class. From their parents, and their parents parents, through the establishment, and how society is portrayed within the media with all our wants and desires blasted at us through mainstream advertising.

The entire process from school to work is set up for us to be a hamster on a wheel, not daring to dream big. When real education is teaching someone the value of reaching a point where they do not need to give a shit.

However, age is just a number. I twigged on later in life that I shouldn't be fucking around so much, and then quickly caught up by applying myself to the right money making projects.

I did this by taking ownership of the situation, doing my own due diligence with potential investments, and spending all my free time around having to do the boring stuff to pay the bills, working full time while learning how I could free myself from the monotonous routine. Creating a new way to make money, on my own terms.

If you want to make money aside from what you're presently doing, it is possible at virtually any age, so if you started late don't panic it's doable. Plenty of self made millionaire's finally got going late on in life.

Also, on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you're young and think you need years of experience to reach your goals, these days it's irrelevant, age literally has nothing to do with it.

Compared to when I was a kid it's a level playing field where anything is possible, if you put in the time, effort, resources, and have the correct mindset you can achieve your goals.

The old fashioned keep your head down and find something steady outlook does still exists of course, which is why I opened this post stating most people just work to survive, and it will always be there. It's the establishment which is the foundation of a middle class education.

If you're like me and can't have a boss, striving for financial freedom, and very ambitious, you have all the tools at your disposal these days to start creating your own wealth.

I'm not saying anything new here that you can't read from thousands of books, or stories from those who took the bull by the horns.

As Exponential Bet reaches the end of 2019 adding new services, while bringing older ones out of beta phase to official release using the cloud set up.

Moving in to 2020 with a clear vision and plan, with everything else I've mentioned about expanding Hedger Pro, using Focus Ratings data with Race Researcher, and creating a brand new bet and trade tool available for you to be share holders, plus much more I haven't mentioned here but covered in previous updates, I look at it and realize this is the most exciting and challenging time in my life.

Looking back to when I launched the site and where we are right now, to how things are set to take off to a whole new level, it's astonishing.

I've reached thousands of people online since I first hit publish with Exponential Bet, which came from just one idea, a simple goal, and a drive to make it happen.

Three years on and I'm looking at early retirement next year. This isn't me patting myself on the back saying well done Ry, not a chance, as I'm not over the line yet with my goal for Exponential Bet.

It's just my own example of how you can take nothing and create something amazing these days, and within a short space of time.

Age really is not the issue, it's what you're made of, and the ability to see your vision through to the end that counts.

I'll call it a night and wrap up here, as I'd like to expand a lot more on this subject another time.

We'll have a more data and financially driven post over the weekend, as I'm waiting on some numbers from Nigel from Race Researcher.

I know a lot of you are waiting on updates for the JV System, Remote Dutch Betting access, Auto Dutch, and of course the Trade Guide V5. Which are my immediately scheduled releases and re issues.

All of this I'll cover over the coming weeks posts, with dates to follow soon when these will be available.

Thanks for reading.


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