The Trading Service V5

I sent a brief update last week for services we're running and what's coming up, and covered that I'd begin delving in to each one in more detail.

Later next week I'll post a news update for the JV System and Remote Dutching Betting, the week after another covering Auto Dutch, but in the meantime a series of posts showing my results, and progress using Hedger Pro for pre race trading.

Which is the subject of today's news post, Trading at Exponential Bet.

This will be available for existing trading members to access next month via an update I'll email access, and also available for new members as all in one package including the video series, getting started PDF, with an annual Hedger Pro subscription.

Hedger Pro is presently in the final stages of development to have the trading tools and data required to trade, which is a new set of features for this platform.

Hedger Pro has always been able to shortlist horses according specific filters, which is a very useful feature, and given the vast amount of data available this makes it unique to the platform.

When you set up a shortlist this way, it dramatically speeds up the process of scouring daily markets trying to whittle down options for your specific criteria list.

The shortlist within Hedger Pro can be set to anything, odds, days since last run, ratings data, placed or won in last three, a range of Focus Rated selections, the list literally goes on and on.

In the next trading member update I'll cover this in more detail, demonstrating how you can customize Hedger Pro exactly to suit your own needs.

You can create shortlists on various external websites according to your requirements, but not to the level possible with Hedger Pro.

A massive advantage of using Hedger Pro to shortlist is that you can then bet or trade direct from your selections, so within a few clicks of the mouse your betting or trading day is set up, which saves a ridiculous amount of time.

In the example above you can see I've got the saddle cloth numbers for my reference, obviously the horses with silks showing so I can quickly identify them on TV, and just the Focus Ratings data to the right hand side I require.