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The Trading Service V5

I sent a brief update last week for services we're running and what's coming up, and covered that I'd begin delving in to each one in more detail.

Later next week I'll post a news update for the JV System and Remote Dutching Betting, the week after another covering Auto Dutch, but in the meantime a series of posts showing my results, and progress using Hedger Pro for pre race trading.

Which is the subject of today's news post, Trading at Exponential Bet.

This will be available for existing trading members to access next month via an update I'll email access, and also available for new members as all in one package including the video series, getting started PDF, with an annual Hedger Pro subscription.

Hedger Pro is presently in the final stages of development to have the trading tools and data required to trade, which is a new set of features for this platform.

Hedger Pro has always been able to shortlist horses according specific filters, which is a very useful feature, and given the vast amount of data available this makes it unique to the platform.

When you set up a shortlist this way, it dramatically speeds up the process of scouring daily markets trying to whittle down options for your specific criteria list.

The shortlist within Hedger Pro can be set to anything, odds, days since last run, ratings data, placed or won in last three, a range of Focus Rated selections, the list literally goes on and on.

In the next trading member update I'll cover this in more detail, demonstrating how you can customize Hedger Pro exactly to suit your own needs.

You can create shortlists on various external websites according to your requirements, but not to the level possible with Hedger Pro.

A massive advantage of using Hedger Pro to shortlist is that you can then bet or trade direct from your selections, so within a few clicks of the mouse your betting or trading day is set up, which saves a ridiculous amount of time.

In the example above you can see I've got the saddle cloth numbers for my reference, obviously the horses with silks showing so I can quickly identify them on TV, and just the Focus Ratings data to the right hand side I require.

This will show me only the horses covered by the R5 Focus Ratings data over a series of pages, which I can quickly access and place my trades.

When looking to identify profitable trades using Hedger Pro, you will have no problem setting up the platform to remember the races and filters exactly to your personal preference. This means you simply login, and your daily trade list is there waiting for you each morning.

The original filters used for the Trade Guide V4 relied on external applications, and some that are no longer available. This was a huge frustration for me when creating new content, as I relied on data from Timeform and the Betfinder APP.

Timeform data changed its format from when I began publishing my trade strategy, and the Betfinder APP which was a BetBright product was taken over by 888 who discontinued the service. In fact just weeks after I'd spent a couple of months creating the previous trading update, which used this application a lot.

The advantage of working with a Betfair developer directly, is that Nigel can create and maintain the data source, and I'm no longer reliant on any other external platforms moving the goal posts. We have our own direct link to the data source, which we can translate to our own platforms.

The search filters originally accessible via Timeform and Betfinder have now been built in to Hedger Pro.

I'll demonstrate how easy it is to create a shortlist from these settings for your preferred trades, and how I set up my own day for each particular trade being included in the new service.

Hedger Pro will be updated with these new features when 'The Trading Service V5' is released next month. This will be the beginning of the library for Hedger Pro.

Some of the new settings included are, the ability fire trades to the market at whatever minutes to post select, which fully automates your trading from the shortlist you set up.

The results published below use this automated method of setting up the days trades.

I look over the days racing using the shortlist I've created within Hedger Pro, which can be anytime morning to midday when I get the time, and then leave any trades I select to run according to my parameters.

These are very easy to set up within the trading slip in Hedger Pro, once you identify a positive trade opportunity it's scheduled and set to trade at your specified time. All of this will be demonstrated clearly.

A new stop loss feature is now included to reduce exposure and manage risk on your trades, so you're never actually risking your total amount on each trade with this in place.

A security measure to hedge pre race and stop any unwanted trades going in play is also included via the trading slip, as this will always hedge before a race starts whether your target percentage profit is hit or not.

Setting a target percentage profit within your criteria will be available, and it's as easy as selecting a horse, and typing in your designed amount of profit to green up before hitting confirm.

Max and min odds to accept create another safety net to ensure any horses that look good in the morning, but drift like barges come race time can filtered out and avoided, plus much more will be added to the platform giving you all the tools you need to make immediate or scheduled trading decisions.

All of the above are options that are easy to configure and set to your own desired trading plan. I will share how I do it myself, but you do have full control over your own customization which is now set up to be quick and intuitive.

We've still more work to be done to ensure you have all the right tools to do the job, but also making sure the process of trading using Hedger Pro is fully explained to avoid any cross over slip ups.

What I mean is, if you're just using Hedger Pro then it's all working fine, but some members will use Hedger Pro but also operate other platforms such as Fairbot, Bet Angel, the Betfair exchange itself directly, or a long list of other betting platforms that may interfere with your automated trades.

For example, you place automated trades using Hedger Pro, decide to cash out direct on the exchange ahead of the automation finishing its programmed task, and you have other bets or trades running within that market, so you need to know how to operate Hedger Pro and prevent any further action being taken that may interfere with this.

There are a few scenarios like this we're looking to preempt to ensure everyone from all ranges of ability and exchange activity if using other platforms in conjunction, fully understand what's involved to operate each safely, and how to get the very best out of the data and platform itself.

This is an area I hadn't previously included and just offered advice via email, but with this next update I want to cover all bases and create a solid foundation to continue building upward.

With this in mind, the original Trade Guide is being renamed as The Trading Service at the next update due in December.

This new title represents what I want to do with this service, as I don't want to create a guide teaching you how to trade, you can find these anywhere online and people a lot more qualified than myself will present you with a wealth of information.

I will cover the basics of trading for Trading Service members, and everything you need to know in order to operate my own trading strategies, but The Trading Service will quite simply be a set of strategies I want to share with members.

My goals are to create a library of trading options hosted on the Hedger Pro and Exponential Bet site for members.

My original aim for the Trade Guide when I published the first version in 2017 was to build this library, but as stated I was reliant on external sources that have continually shifted in available content or been removed from the web.

This caused me to divert my efforts, and look at other ways to use automation with downloadable software such as Fairbot. Which to be fair is excellent but time consuming learning to program, and it's also a locally hosted software package that members are required to then download, import files, and ensure is left running on their own PC's for trades to fire to market.

This alone creates a host of issues as we found out with Expo Bot, as it has to be PC compatible only, a VPS is recommended, and if not you're relying on members having the ability to import and set up these files correctly, which quite literally took over my life providing support for this alone, and then also relying on the PC's being set up correctly, not going on sleep mode, or powering down, or god knows what else.

With Hedger Pro it's all online, no VSP is required, no files to import, no complicated settings to master, or external applications to rely on. All the tools to do the job are built in to one simple to use interface.

Now I'm not dependent on these external data sources with everything included in Hedger Pro, its given me the confidence to begin creating a full library of trades available to members, which is getting back to my original plan.

Existing members of The Trade Guide will receive access to these trade strategies, and any members of Hedger Pro with an annual subscription will also have these included in your subscription. With access details sent once set up on both Exponential Bet and Hedger Pro.

I resumed trading again this week following the strategy to be included with this Version 5 update.

In case you rush to check your Hedger Pro settings, I'm using the latest update to Hedger Pro Dev Version so these options are not available in Hedger Pro live yet, but they will be soon.

The trading settings for the live public version will start to be filtered across now over the coming weeks in preparation of the new Trading Service release.

The four automated trades placed so far returned three wins, and show a no drama steady profit growth.

The video series available to members will show everything from start to end, setting up the trades using Hedger Pro, to being placed direct to the Betfair exchange as shown above.

As you can see from the Betfair screenshot the trade was using £50.00, but also a scheduled trade in the 10 minute run up pre race.

I set it up to look for 10% profit, but with a stop loss of 50%, and a safety measure set in place to hedge come what may 1 minute to post.

The trades get fired automatically, which you'll see in the video being published with the next update. This is a good example above showing the trade getting matched automatically in stages on the exchange as other users take the lay price I'm offering.

We don't need any other applications for the strategies to work, and all published result examples will be shown placed on Betfair as shown above, and within the Bet History at Hedger Pro.

What I would say here is, I'm using £50.00 as a typical member will invest £500 in to any new system, this is the average bet bank I've come to find.

Which means using £50 per trade is feasible, and a good amount to show what's achievable using these type of investment.

However, you can use a lot more on these trades around the times I've set them up in the 10 minute run up pre race, obviously depending on the horse you're trading. If it's a rank outsider at high odds, then obviously you're going to struggle to be matched, but then why would you be trading this begs the question.

The odds available and money in the market in UK horse racing fluctuates over the season, per race, event etc. With any strategy being operated like this some common sense needs to be applied, and you can easily adjust your stakes to match while still capitalizing on the quieter meetings.

trading betfair

betfair trading

There is no need to keep external records on spreadsheets with Hedger Pro, although you can if you wish of course.

The result history within the platform tracks your daily P&L as a running total as you can from the screenshots. This can be filtered to days, weeks, months, or over specific time periods, and we're also adding an export to Excel option.

22nd Nov you can see we ended with a £9.57 profit, 23rd Nov returning £4.00 profit, nothing applicable today. The racing at this time of year is sketchy at best with limited options, but if you're selective it's possible to find regularly profitable trading days.

We won't win every day of course and I do not expect this, but if we're winning more than we're losing and not experiencing any big swings against us on these trades, then we'll continue to push the balance the right way over time.

We're also adding much more detail here showing the trading information in order to distinguish the bets from the trades etc.

All five of these trades above were set up in the morning ahead of the racing using the automation included in the development version of Hedger Pro. These features will be available with the next version update.

The filters I have set up are built around Focus Ratings data, and also mixed with other criteria I include in my shortlist within Hedger Pro to create the list as shown on this page one example below.

Trading Service V5 initially will cover this trading method using Focus Ratings data, which for existing members reintroduces the selection tools which were taken offline.

However, over the coming months I'll add more trading options to the service. I've a lot more planned, and once we're live with the next V5 update I'll elaborate more.

In brief though, I've now set up automated systems to run using Cloud Bet Bot on another account, and these will be developed and improved continually.

For example, Remote Dutch Betting and the JV System are both receiving a winter update either later next week or early December.

This will include a Place Betting option for all members of these services, and some winter filter re alignments to accommodate for the seasonality of the sport when running automated betting systems.

Stop at a profit and hedging for both of these services will also follow as soon as possible, as we have identified profits to be had, but it's a case of priorities and getting things done in the right order, so place betting will be the next new addition.

The results sheet update for both JV and RDB services will be posted mid next week.

Anyone that's already downloaded these will know they are gigantic, but I will begin breaking down monthly totals and representing the growth periods over the coming sheet updates.

I'll also continue to publish my results on The Trading Service homepage showing how I'm doing using Hedger Pro, and keep everyone well informed with the progress getting this ready for release.

Additional upcoming scheduled news posts over the next two weeks will cover Auto Dutch, JV System, and Remote Dutch Betting.

Thank you


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