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The Best Decision I Could Have Made, & I Wish I'd Made it Sooner.

I want to try and word today's post as effectively as possible, because my goal is to give you the important information you need succinctly.

I know how easy it can be to just tune out when confronted with a lot of text, but I'd go as far as to say it's vital you do not miss this update, and I can assure you it's not a long post.

Since the upgrade was applied to Racing Lays, Place Lay Multi, and Sure Favs Main, combined between them if you had been betting all three using exchange straight since mid November, you could have potentially banked +46 points profit.

Place Lay Multi made the most impact on this profit return over the period, but the other two stabilised very well, adjusting nicely to the update, with Racing Lays making a small profit. Sure Favs Main taking a single digit minor dip, but showing a lot of resiliance with some very near misses as it's back to win, and a good amount of profit on the winning bets.

This is the point of running a portfolio of select strategies, as each will have their winning periods, while others either dip or middle along around evens.

If you have the right mix of strategies in the portfolio, each will carry the other across dips, while maintaining the balance, keeping drawdown low, and nudging the money the right way.

To remind you of last weeks blog update showing how Portfolio Bet's work in progress looks, using the three strategies listed above with the latest update.

betfair betting

If your stake was £10 per point following these three options, the profit would be circa £10,219 over the period reported.

Which for a full hands off investment that does not require you to put your enture sum into and leave, but instead have an allocated bank that bets automatically with a small number you're comfortable with, that's a very decent return on investment.

Without the gigantic leap of faith required compared to putting all your money away into something else within the financial sector.

Not to mention, it's tax free.

If your stake was £10 per point following the three services above from mid November, that's circa £460 profit, and with just a single digit drawdown when combining all three with the same stake approach, this is a fairly decent profit.

I create the automated filters and manage these services with a full insight into what is going on with the programming, and I can see very well that the combination is working to a very high standard right now. The live betting results show this.

What I can see for the future with these services is lot more than what they have shown previously over the years, which has populated the data to enable me to tune them the way I can now.

I'm not going to hammer you with graphs and stats today, as I just wanted to you to know the update is most definitely working for these three.

I'd recommend you set your point value evenly for all three, and bet using exchange straight.

You can expect to make a very good profit over the weeks and months to come with these strategies in operation.

They have all proved over the years to have extended winning periods that have made large amounts of money, so they come with a strong pedigree, and plenty of bet data that has made it possible to extract the filters that place the bets automatically for you.

They will exceed every previous high point, and I am looking forward to sharing the results.

Place Lay Multi over the two week period highlighted today did the best, but each of the three will have high points.

The other two Sure Favs service options, High and Foundation I am also looking at, as they both are very appealing, and have a strong backbone of data. They can do a lot better, and I have allocated time in December to update each of them.

If you're a One Subscription member you can of course access all three included in your plan.

Membership options are available here:

I'll be updating the results for the month on Monday 4th December for all services, and in the next result update I will include a full overview of how the results look running all strategy options concurrently.

This will include Bet Focus, Racing Lays, Place Lay Multi, and all three Sure Favs options. Running using one point per bet, and exchange straight.

I'll make sure to update this monthly to demonstrate how much money you can make allocating your point value per bet this way.

However, the main focus of this update today is to let you know the updates for Place Lay Multi, Racing Lays, and Sure Favs Main are all settling in, and have made an impressive profit combined since the update was added.

As a side note, the update applied to Bet Focus from the 1st August is also in profit over twenty points up as it stands, and with a very low drawdown.

This service is the one that is more of a wild card, but it received the update well, stabalised, and has been steadily making a profit.

You will have all the results updated from Monday, with an excel for each, and all combined over the years.

I also need to inform you that I am no longer running Place Back Multi, and Place Lay Single. They have now been removed from the dashboard in the bot, and from the site. They will no longer be active and placing bets.

The reason for this is, they quite simply will not make aywhere near the profit of Place Lay Multi over the years to come.

They were all included in the Place Betting service, but Place Lay Multi has always been the major stand out, with the other two requiring more maintainance.

They will make a profit, but it's slow, and has much more volatility than Place Lay Multi.

I have tried to get the most out of these strategies, and the latest update I have been working on did show a significant improvement with performance, but my rationale is to split my money more effectively, and my gut instinct kept coming back to wanting to only run Place Lay Multi in the place market.

For this reason I have removed Place Lay Single and Place Back Multi from the site, and removed all members of Place Betting, and Once Subscription from the user list with these services. The impact to the overall reported results is minor.

If you have been using these two options you do not need to do anything, as they will just be removed from your dashboard, and no further bets will be placed.

Please readjust your staking that had been alloted to these services, and my advice is to re do your points assessment if you were using PLS and PBM, which will then give you a higher points allocation for everything else you have in operation.

This will then inturn serve you a lot beter in the long run, giving you more profit on your investment, and a much more enjoyable experience overall.

Unless we attempt to try new things, we will never know if they are right or wrong for us. I apologise for any inconvenience caused with these two services, and if I had a crystal ball I would have focused only on Place Lay Multi, but sometimes it is trial and error, and for these two the amount of effort required over the long term I have decided is too much to justify keeping them in the portfolio.

Place Lay Single and Place Back Multi I came to the conclusion are wrong for my style of betting, which is why I have struggled to make them work to the level I require.

As I represent Exponental Bet, I made the tough decision to remove them completely, so we can focus on the best of the best.

If you have been using these two services and have any questions, or need advice regarding your stake readjustment, please get in touch and I'll be glad to help you.

At the moment, and for the remainder of December to early January, I'm working on Portfolio Bet, this is my primary focus along side running any performance updates for Exponential Bet. which if you missed it, Portfolio Bet is a new website that combines the best of the best strategies into one single stake.

It basically manages your entire portfolio using one bet amount, and calculates your stake from the amount of money you want to invest.

This will make life much simpler for people who don't want the options to stake in the various ways we have available at Exponential Bet, and just want an immediate hands off invesment with one set of results to follow.

We're on course to have this site up and running soon, and aiming to be ready for members in January.

Memberships may be restricted in volume, we are yet to decide how many we can take on, but if you're already an actively subscribed member of Exponential Bet, you will definitely receive a valid invite to join Portfolio Bet, or move your membership across should you decide that's the better option.

In other news, I will be emailing In Play Bet Club members directly early next week, with more information on how the new IPBC website for this service can benefit them, and to explain some new features that will be available to self manage what IPBC option you wish to operate.

Along with more info on the pre race in play selections that can be emailed to members hours before racing commences.

The betting guide site now has a domain name confirmed, and once Portfolio Bet, and In Play Bet Club are live, this will follow shortly after with a selection of home made PDF betting guides to access, and online video tutorials set out in a step by step easy to follow format.

The simple goal with all these new websites, and for Exponential Bet, is to give each of them a single main strength and focal point.

If you want in play you know where to go, if you want simplicity and everything managed you also know where to go, and if you want to be more involved and even hands on doing it yourself, there are two sites dedicated to this approach.

It removes confusion, and gives members and new visitors a clear direction. Which is something I should have done years ago.

The betting websites that bolt off looking all polished with bells and whistles don't always do the best, all that glitters is not gold, and I have seen many fall by the wayside.

Whereas the ones that take a bit longer to settle in, but have steel determination to exceed expecations, with single minded vision, these are still there, and I have seen many go on to achieve greatness, we fall into the latter catagory, if I say so myself.

With the introduction of the new websites to sort the formatting out, this will mark the beginning of a new era for the business, and be a huge turning point for our members to begin seeing results that do exceed our initial estimates for profit growth, with a much improved ease of use.

Okay, that's it from me for now.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. It's freezing here, and my office is frozen over even with the heaters blasting, but the show must go on. Thank you for taking the time to read today's update.

Best Regards


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