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An Early Stage Glimpse at Portfolio Bet

Portfolio Bet will be a brand new website that manages member bets for backing and laying in the win and place market. All via one single stake that is entered into the software included with the subscription.

I'm hoping to have this set to calculate your stake automatically, once you enter your investment amount.

The bets will then be placed using this single stake, which is calculated at one point for your entire investment.

The points required will be pre programmed into the software, based on the strategy activity that will work in the background.

This will manage all the strategies via this one single bet, so members do not need to calculate points, or decide what strategies to operate, or work out individual points balances for each.

It will also mean there is only one set of results to follow, which will be published monthly on site, according to exchange straight betting rules.

The goal of the site is to provide a fully managed portfolio that operates completely hands off for members, that requires minimal input, with nothing to learn. You can track the results, and of course see your own PNL in the software.

A major benefit with using Portfolio Bet, is that the amout of points the software will allocate to your required stake, this will be set at a safe level, and managed for you.

A safe level that accounts for the losing periods, and is set out to operate all the strategies within the invested amount, to return a healthy points profit over the months and years.

The strategies in operation will be my personal selection of Exponential Bet options, that provide the best results as long term betting investments.

I've been working through some enhanced variations from the Exponential Bet services, which I'm now introducing to the site with incremental updates.

Three of which were applied last week to Racing Lays, Sure Favs Main, and Place Lay Multi.

These will make up three of the Portfolio Bet strategies, so I have combined these as one single point bet per strategy within the results below, and dated this back to December 2020 to give you a good spread of result data to examine.

This really gives a true and accurate idea of what to expect, and how each betting strategy combines over such a long betting period. It's an insight in to how you will see your balance perform over such a period.

There are periods of profit and loss, but you can see the drawdown is kept within a very manageable level, and the overall points profit is very imporessive.

Over such a timeframe, you could withdraw profits and reinvest, adjusting your total investment amount, which would inturn adjust your stake per bet.

The points profit is based on one point per bet, so if your stake was hyperthetically £10, the total points profit you would have achieved over this published timeline would be circa £10k plus. If left to run at that stake level.

If you had withdrawn profit say halfway, and reinvested with a higher stake amount, it would of course be higher.

Whilst on this topic, I will be setting a max stake level, given it is exchange straight betting. This is to be confirmed, but it won't be too constricting, as the bets will go on in good time, to allow for a good proportion of bets to be placed.

In addition to this, there will highly likely be a limited number of member spaces available, so I will be taking emails and inviting people to join to when it is available.

Current active Exponential Bet members with a subscription, will receive an automatic invite.

The Excel sheet below is provided for you to go through and get an idea how the bets will look day to day. Betting as win, lay, and place market.

I'll leave today's blog here for now, as I need to get back to finishing the updates for Place Back Multi, Place Lay Single, and Sure Favs Foundation. Which will be added to Exponential Bet later this week.

Here is the results as a graph showing Profit and Loss over time, with the Drawdown underneath representative across the same timeline.

The Excel sheet is available to download below this.

If you want to register your interest in joining Portfolio Bet, please email with Portfolio Bet in the subject line. You won't get an immediate reply, but restt assured I will be collating your interest, and keep you well informed when the service is ready.

If you're already an active subscribed Exponential Bet member, you will be offered to transfer your membership when Porfolio Bet is available, so I would keep your Exponential Bet active until then, as current active members will also be offered a transfer deal.

Okay, that's it from me for today. I'll post again when the latest update is available for the three listed services above, to let you know.

I will also add a blog post next week covering what to expect at the new In Play Bet Club website, that will be published and online early in the new year.

Portfolio Bet Result Data (work in progress).

The results show a backing, laying, and lay betting in the place market strategy in operation. All from a single one point per bet staking plan.

December 2020 to November 2023

betting investment strategy

Here is the Excel sheet showing individual bets across the timeline.

Portfolio Bet Sheet Work in Progress
Download XLSX • 1.97MB

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