Sure Favs Monthly Breakdown

Updated: May 16, 2021


If you scroll down this blog post you'll find a monthly assessment for Sure Favs.

The results for each service show how things go from start to end, where we began and where we are now, but I want to give you more detailed breakdown to show how things could run over a full betting term from the recorded results so far.

I'll do this for all the automated services over the next couple of weeks, with the next being Bet Focus.

Today I'll go over the Sure Favs service and look at how many winning and losing months we've had so far to date covering each of the recorded betting options for the service, ie Straight flat staking, Target Profit, and Ratchet.

This includes the concurrent winning and losing month numbers and P&L for the high and low periods.

The shortest membership term is one month, which means if this is your chosen subscription or even if you're invested for the full year, you will need to know what could happen with these services monthly to have a clear picture of what to expect.

I'll also include the upcoming Place Betting assessments and look at the winning and losing months from the 1st December when the recorded results for development testing commence. That will be added next week here in the blog.

You can find out more about place betting in my previous two news blogs, and I'll have more info available later this week as the service readies to commence betting from Saturday 8th May.

The subscription options will be available asap on site from Friday.

At the end of May we will have year one completed with published results for each of the automated strategies, excluding place betting which starts next week of course.

I'll post a more in depth overview for each service when we wrap up the month, including the year two profit predictions, and a deep dive into what I think has gone for and against over year one.

More video will be added to each service page covering the most commonly asked questions with advice on how to set up your points to get the most out of each of them.