25th April News

In today's news post I cover my immediate plans for:https://affiliates.levelsoftware.co.uk/go/7

  • Results for the Place Betting Automation , how you can access this new service, what's involved and included, plus when it will be available.

  • In Play Betting using Bet Mover.

  • When I'll be able to make a start adding new content to the Free Method 1 Trade Guide.

  • Scheduled videos for the remaining automated services and including the new Place Betting option about to be included.

  • Nearly everyone prefers watching video compared to reading explanations, and I want to make it easier for existing members or any new visitors to the site, so I'll be adding a video based introduction to Exponential Bet including the most commonly asked question.

Place Betting Automation

  • What's Involved & Included

I'd just like to say before I cover the new Place Betting Automation about to launch at Exponential Bet, that I am genuinely excited to add this new service and think it's going to very quickly become the most popular betting strategy we produce.

Place betting has been requested as a service since day one when I first launched in 2017.

When I began I was originally sending BSP Multiple Dutch Bets to members by email each day, which meant everyone could achieve the same financial returns on the bets, and everyone could be matched.

I've held back as I wanted to bring something unique to the place betting sphere, as there really is a lot out there with all the 'tipster' styled websites, but with Exponential Bet we don't send tips and rarely even comment on the actual racing, it's all fully automated.

This has meant I've required a solid base of data and strategies running over enough time without interference before introducing anything new, and after nearly a year accumulating data for the current automated services within the back end platform Researcher its now possible to introduce place betting automation.

These are based around existing services and have a solid grounding based on actual betting.

With the place market of course there are other considerations to account for as specifics will be different to the win market when it comes to bet selections, so I had to broaden some criteria from the win market to make things work.

You won't simply be getting place versions of what already exists, but the grounding and base format is built on what's there already and recorded live race data.

Not trying to reinvent the wheel has been the right way to go.

Moving to automated betting with Cloud Bet Bot away from sending screenshots of bets daily with the BSP Multiples actually took longer than I'd expected to introduce a place betting strategy.