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25th April News

In today's news post I cover my immediate plans for:

  • Results for the Place Betting Automation , how you can access this new service, what's involved and included, plus when it will be available.

  • In Play Betting using Bet Mover.

  • When I'll be able to make a start adding new content to the Free Method 1 Trade Guide.

  • Scheduled videos for the remaining automated services and including the new Place Betting option about to be included.

  • Nearly everyone prefers watching video compared to reading explanations, and I want to make it easier for existing members or any new visitors to the site, so I'll be adding a video based introduction to Exponential Bet including the most commonly asked question.

Place Betting Automation

  • What's Involved & Included

I'd just like to say before I cover the new Place Betting Automation about to launch at Exponential Bet, that I am genuinely excited to add this new service and think it's going to very quickly become the most popular betting strategy we produce.

Place betting has been requested as a service since day one when I first launched in 2017.

When I began I was originally sending BSP Multiple Dutch Bets to members by email each day, which meant everyone could achieve the same financial returns on the bets, and everyone could be matched.

I've held back as I wanted to bring something unique to the place betting sphere, as there really is a lot out there with all the 'tipster' styled websites, but with Exponential Bet we don't send tips and rarely even comment on the actual racing, it's all fully automated.

This has meant I've required a solid base of data and strategies running over enough time without interference before introducing anything new, and after nearly a year accumulating data for the current automated services within the back end platform Researcher its now possible to introduce place betting automation.

These are based around existing services and have a solid grounding based on actual betting.

With the place market of course there are other considerations to account for as specifics will be different to the win market when it comes to bet selections, so I had to broaden some criteria from the win market to make things work.

You won't simply be getting place versions of what already exists, but the grounding and base format is built on what's there already and recorded live race data.

Not trying to reinvent the wheel has been the right way to go.

Moving to automated betting with Cloud Bet Bot away from sending screenshots of bets daily with the BSP Multiples actually took longer than I'd expected to introduce a place betting strategy.

I've dabbled with other downloadable software up to this point, but now I have the tools to make these things happen based on true data and bespoke software betting software.

I'm now satisfied with development testing, and providing members use BSP everyone should always be matched exactly the same. Bearing in mind liquidity is low in the place market so exchange betting will sometimes be hit and miss, but BSP should be rock solid.

An Exchange option will be available with the service allowing lower than Betfair minimum exchange betting, but of course this comes with the caveat that some bets will be matched better than others, and also some bets may not be matched at all as it's dependent on the liquidity of the market.

Whereas with BSP you're almost always guaranteed to be matched, and the price recorded is what everyone receives.

FYI, Betfair offers a maximum pay-out of £1 million for most national hunt and flat racing. However, for ante-post markets, the limit is £100,000.

This means with BSP there are no bet size limitations of sorts, just the maximum amount Betfair will pay you on the winning bets, which as you can see is a lot of money.

Commission fees apply of course for both Exchange and BSP options, and I strongly recommend setting your levels to 2%.

You do this via your promotion options on the Betfair site itself. If you get stuck live chat will sort you out in minutes, but it's really very easy.

What will be included with Place Betting Automation to start with are three betting bots.

Two lay betting strategies and one backing according to place market rules, ie number of horses included as place bets dependent on runners.

As you will already know the odds of horses in the place market are typically quite low, so for lay betting this is ideal if we have a strike rate high enough.

For backing in the place market the same applies of course with the strike rate, and of course the odds are lower on the horses, but the backing option puts more than one bet on within applicable races, which as I'll demonstrate in my results below.

This means you can win multiple times in each race. Also, as it's the place market the chances of winning are also increased.

The three betting options, two laying and one backing are all very different, and the criteria for selection means you can run them all concurrently.

There will be some cross with the betting within some of the races, but you will find that some options bet a lot more than others, and this will rarely cause the situation of having a back bet and lay bet on the same horse, although if opting to run all three options its something that can happen from time to time.

Staking with the place betting service gives more than just BSP and Exchange to consider, as we may be tempted to think using Target Profit, or Fixed Liability with lay betting would be a better than with Straight using one point per bet, or Fixed Stake for laying.

All options show positive progress and profit made with these selected, they have reduced exposure, but lower returns obviously which I will demonstrate shortly.

This has to be something you decide is right for you and suits your betting style.

However, with Target Profit as you know this is just Exchange based only, because logically how could the system calculate a target amount using BSP, it's impossible.

Which means you're back either being matched better or worse than someone else, or in fact not at all due to low liquidity in the place market. You could not plan a high stakes strategy using target profit with place betting, but a smaller investment is possible considering these factors.

I will personally be using these strategies as Straight / Fixed Stake bets and BSP selected, as I want to use decent amount of money and not be restricted with my long term investment plans.

As for adding a Ratchet to the betting, well the simple answer is yes it will add more profit on the wins but also adds more losses on the losing bets. Your biggest win can be your biggest loss, but the rewards are there to be seen with the results if you've got the nerves of steel to operate a ratchet plan.

I will report a 1% Ratchet for each of the three options using Fixed Stake, Liability, and Target Profit. However, you will have the option to increase the ratchet to whatever level you decide.

As with all betting or trading strategies a sensible starting bank you're comfortable with, and allocated points for each strategy are going to be essential to your success.

We won't win all bets and as the results show there are ups and downs that have occurred to achieve the published results.

Allocating a sensible points balance is more than just looking at the profit and drawdown, it's about asking yourself what amount of money and stake per bet are you going to be comfortable being placed from your account each betting day.

To allow a balance to have periods where it decreases to reach the periods where it increases, this is the most important thing to consider and get right when starting out with anything to do with betting or trading, in fact whatever you're doing financially have a plan from the start regarding how much you feel happy putting in.

The hard work of actually sitting at the desk all day, work out what bets to put on and when, or having to wait for emails to come through then react to them with your betting or trading etc has been done for you, as once the bot is set up and activated it will place the bets automatically.

Your sole responsibility when it comes to operating any of the automated strategies at Exponential Bet is to decide what options are right for you, work out what amount of money you wish to invest in to the strategies you've selected, configure the staking, and then activate the bot.

Remembering you are in full control of the bot and your membership. Should you wish to change staking or stop or start it again that's pretty much it, apart from this it's all taken care of.

I will add for minimum points allocations on all service pages.

I did this in a news email and blog a while ago, but I'll make sure this information is readily available to help you decide which of the services meet your needs and fit in with your budget plan.

  • Results So Far

Here's a snapshot of what to expect with the three place betting options.

When I publish the full overview of options for each, ie fixed stake, liability, target profit, ratchet etc, I'll have these included on the new place betting page next week.

The date range for the results covers the period of time where the software was actively able to capture and place bets within these markets. As this was a new feature required to be programmed into the platform as its a brand new market.

We basically have nearly five months of betting recorded, which when you see the results below is incredibly encouraging, and why I stated at the start of the blog I think these services will quickly become firm favourites.

However, there was a period between January and February we could not use the bot to record the results or place the bets because of an extra development layer required, hence why you will see a flat line in the graph over that time.

The time lost during development from my own personal calculations was not a negative period, however without the results recorded in Researcher I cannot show this and given we still have a good spread of testing data anyway it has to be absorbed as part of the development process.

The results show Straight flat stake betting one point per horse for backing, and the same amount for lay betting but with Fixed Stake so the liability of the bet depended on the odds of the selections.

The Target Profit and Fixed Liability options obviously show lower drawdown and profits overall, whereas you can expect Ratchet to show much higher returns with equally higher drawdown.

Here are the results with a brief overview for each of the three lay strategies.

1/12/20 to 24/4/21

Place Back Multi

place betting system

  • Places back bets on horses in the place market.

  • Can be between 1 - 5 qualifying bets in a single race.

  • Ranking criteria applied.

  • No stop up or down required.

  • No odds exclusions.

  • Number of runner criteria applied.

  • Broad bet type allowed.

  • Operates Monday to Sunday.

Place Lay Multi

betfair betting system

  • Places lay bets on horses in the place market.

  • Can be between 1 - 5 qualifying bets in a single race.

  • Ranking criteria applied.

  • No stop up or down required.

  • There are odds exclusions applied to the selections.

  • Minimum number of runners factored in.

  • Specific bet type allowed.

  • Operate Monday to Sunday.

Place Lay Single

lay betting

  • Places lay bets on horses in the place market.

  • The bot will place 1 qualifying bet in a single race.

  • Ranking criteria applied.

  • No stop up or down required.

  • There are now odds exclusions applied to the selections.

  • We have a max odds range applied.

  • Minimum number of runners factored in.

  • Specific bet type allowed.

  • Operates Monday to Saturday.

How To Access, & When Place Betting Automation Will Be Available

If you have an active One Subscription membership Place Betting Automation will be made available under your Services within the bot, you do not need to do anything.

Otherwise you can subscribe to the service and access all three place betting options and the various bet types included on its own with a single subscription.

The usual Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly, and Yearly options will be available.

I'm looking to release Place Betting Automation on Saturday 8th May.

This is eight days over my intended release date, but it's a lot more work than you'd possibly imagine and I want to ensure it's a smooth transition from the development version to live Cloud Bet Bot, while also making sure all One Subscription members are included and enough useful information is published for everyone.

It's worth the wait, and will be a valuable new addition to the automated strategies at Exponential Bet.

In Play Betting

As you may know already I've been recording regular content using Bet Mover, which is the In Play Betting software that is now owned by TPD.

I'll be adding as much content as possible each week using the platform, and as promised demonstrate how almost anybody can pick up the software and learn very quickly how to make a regular income.

It's an amazing piece of kit and I'm loving being involved with it from initial launch.

The reason you haven't had an update from me this week since my last post to You Tube and the Toolbox on the 15th April when I covered a lay betting strategy using the energy expulsion as a guide to lay horses successfully.

Well basically I've had a stinking cold, head ache, coughing, sneezing, and generally feeling like crap as my immune system is still low, and with the work required to set up the imminent place strategies I've not been well enough (definitely not just man flu).

I've just not had the voice to record the narration over videos already recorded, or the energy to make new content.

My apologies for not manning up and cracking on, but the fact I've done nothing but cough and sneeze for the past week wouldn't have made for good listening in the videos.

Later next week I'll resume business as usual with Bet Mover, and begin accelerating my progress to make a good income each week with the platform.

I did experiment with a back to lay in play idea which to be frank I got lucky with and it needs revising, and also with an idea to boost returns on liability, but that again is back to the drawing board and I'll show you why next week.

I'll be sticking to the original get on late in the day approach building on that trying to trim furlongs off my decision making, and also continue with the lay betting approach assessing horses running and jumping hot and cold.

I'd expect one or two new videos before the end of next week using Bet Mover uploaded to Your Tube and the Toolbox.

The Free Method 1 Trade Guide

Once place betting is up and running and I've reached a level I'm comfortable with Bet Mover I'll allocate a few days at least a month to add more content to the guide demonstrating the technique included.

There will later in the year be more pre race trading, and I've some tried and tested methods I'll be sharing to identify those horses most likely to move in odds the way we expect pre race. I'm very eager to have these added to the site asap in fact.

The free trade content is something I want to expand on as a lot of people use the information in that guide, and I do need to keep up with changes in software while including more visual examples of the method being applied.

Any new trade content aside from Method 1 I'll decide how best to deliver this in the easiest format possible, and make sure there are a lot of examples included from the offset.

Scheduled Video Material

Other than the Sure Favs, Bet Focus, and Racing Lays videos added I've not uploaded anymore to the site since before my heart procedure in March this year.

As things settle with the new service and I can now plan my time more effectively I'll add more video to cover each service, as to my surprise they were popular and people found them helpful to understand what to expect when operating the automated strategies.

I'll also be adding a new introduction video to the main page of the site explaining more about what Exponential Bet is while also answering the most commonly asked questions about the site and services.

I feel a lot of the time people will email instead of looking in the FAQ, which I totally get as You Tube is my first port of call if I need to check how to do something, or I'll email a website with a question instead of trawling an FAQ.

The FAQ is useful and covers a lot, but in this day and age I need a more interactive immediate source of information so I'll trim my beard and wear my best hoodie then get back on camera to answer all the main questions I receive on a daily basis.

The missus said it best, 'who can be arsed reading loads of details Ryan not everyone is like you and most prefer a simple video explanation', so fair play I'll get on it and have it uploaded early May.

On a Final Note....

We did have a little downtime with the bot this week that disrupted betting for approximately six hours on the 20th April.

Without a doubt it's affected the results as each service missed a lot of betting that day which from my assessment was some lost profit, but the issue was identified as quickly as possible and rectified with betting resuming later that evening.

It was the external company that is used to host all of Nigel's websites and didn't just affect Exponential Bet as it caused a few sites to drop during that time.

This was not the best day ever as you can imagine and definitely not a regular occurrence, but sometimes with IT these things will happen, just not often every blue moon thankfully.

I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding who contacted me, as nobody was a total arse which speaks volumes for the current member base, thank you as I was feeling like boiled death with my man cold.

Okay, thanks for reading and staying up to date with Exponential Bet.

I'll leave it here for now and make sure I deliver on all of the above.

The weeks results will be published later this evening after the final racing has finished.

Best Regards


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