2nd May News

I'm very happy to report Place Betting Automation is on schedule to start betting on Saturday 8th May.

This is a unique automated betting service which I'm certain will become the most popular betting service for members at Exponential Bet.

As always the software is included within the membership subscription to run this betting system via Cloud Bet Bot.

No download is required as it's all running in the browser and compatible with every device and operating system.

The landing page for place betting with a full breakdown of results so far from the 1st December 2020 to the 7th May 2021 will be uploaded.

Along with the different betting options covered such as fixed stake, fixed liability, flat staking, target profit, and ratchet betting all included with this place betting service will be published mid next week, which I'll email again to let you know it's available.

For all services I'll be adding an easy set up and frequently asked questions video in May, yes that's me on camera covering the things I always get asked as I want to make it easy for anybody to understand what the services offer and how simple they are to set up.

I published a blog last week with a result overview for the three of the new place strategies included below:

Place Back Multi

Place Lay Multi

Place Lay Single

Along with a brief overview of the set up options I've programmed in to these services.

You can read the blog and see the detailed result breakdown back to December here: https://www.exponentialbet.co.uk/post/25th-april-news

This is how each of the place betting strategies has performed over the past seven days Monday to Sunday since my last update on the 25/4/21.

26/4/21 to 2/5/21 - Place Betting Strategies 7 Day Results

Place Back Multi

place betting