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2nd May News

I'm very happy to report Place Betting Automation is on schedule to start betting on Saturday 8th May.

This is a unique automated betting service which I'm certain will become the most popular betting service for members at Exponential Bet.

As always the software is included within the membership subscription to run this betting system via Cloud Bet Bot.

No download is required as it's all running in the browser and compatible with every device and operating system.

The landing page for place betting with a full breakdown of results so far from the 1st December 2020 to the 7th May 2021 will be uploaded.

Along with the different betting options covered such as fixed stake, fixed liability, flat staking, target profit, and ratchet betting all included with this place betting service will be published mid next week, which I'll email again to let you know it's available.

For all services I'll be adding an easy set up and frequently asked questions video in May, yes that's me on camera covering the things I always get asked as I want to make it easy for anybody to understand what the services offer and how simple they are to set up.

I published a blog last week with a result overview for the three of the new place strategies included below:

Place Back Multi

Place Lay Multi

Place Lay Single

Along with a brief overview of the set up options I've programmed in to these services.

You can read the blog and see the detailed result breakdown back to December here:

This is how each of the place betting strategies has performed over the past seven days Monday to Sunday since my last update on the 25/4/21.

26/4/21 to 2/5/21 - Place Betting Strategies 7 Day Results

Place Back Multi

place betting

Place Lay Multi

place bet

Place Lay Single

place betting

The results show either backing using one flat staked point per bet, or laying using one point fixed stake per bet.

Total BSP Points = +35.79

This total is the combined points profit running all three strategies Monday to Sunday this week.

The obvious stand out is the Place Lay Multi with a very low drawdown and exceptional points profit.

Like all the strategies at Exponential Bet some will do better than others weekly, monthly, yearly etc, and we will not win all the time.

It's also quite interesting to see the Place Back Multi win with the BSP option but not with the MTP. Quite a variance there with this weeks results, and good for us as BSP will without doubt be the preferred option using the place market.

You can see in the weekly overview for the place strategies above, and with all the betting services there are wins and losses to reach the reported points profit.

The result update I'll publish later this evening or tomorrow day depending on time to complete, demonstrates in more detail with the automated services how they have performed over the recorded month by month over the eleven months to date.

What's very appealing about place automation is the low drawdown and ability to do very well on the low odds lay bets, while the back bets if more than one horse backed goes on to win you can also make a higher profit.

As promised a full breakdown of the results with a graph for each will be added to the main Place Betting page mid next week, including recommended points allowance for each bet type, with of course the subscription options.

Prices will be exactly the same as the other services, and of course if you're a One Subscription member the place betting strategies will added automatically to your existing plan.

They will be there when you login waiting for you to set up.

For more information on the benefits of a One Subscription membership you can view the different options here:

If you are on this plan from the 8th May the three Place Bots will appear under 'Your Services' within Cloud Bet Bot.

They will be named as above, and within each the betting option covered on the main landing for for the service will be available.

I will try my best to get a quick FAQ video added to the page along with updating the actual current frequently asked questions.

If you want to just subscribe to Place Betting alone and not via the one plan, you will be able to do this from both the Join page and landing page I'll publish for place betting.

I keep repeating this, but I feel the place betting service will become the most popular option for all members.

It wins more often, the lay liability is lower on the bets, the strike rate is excellent, drawdown is low for all options, and when you win the potential to win across multiple selection with the two multi options is very appealing.

It won't replace what's already there with the other automated services, but given its a brand new market that operates completely separate to the others it will compliment very nicely alongside existing services.

More info to follow on Place Betting next week once the page is online, and then shortly after we're off and running live betting for members.

In Other News...

I am absolutely 100% committed to adding more free content for both Pre Race Trading, and to the Toolbox for In Play Betting using Bet Mover.

The reason I state this is because I've not done enough of this recently and I'd hoped to have more content available.

Now the place service is nearly ready to launch next week my focus can return to trading and recording BM content immediately afterward.

In addition to working on the place betting service this week I've been development testing for Bet Mover.

Trying new features that may or may not end up in the next version update for all members.

Which has also meant I've been unable to add new content using the platform given I'm working on experimental features. I can't show the dev features until they are confirmed.

There is some exciting stuff in the pipeline for the software, and the coming months are going to see improvements all round to the functionality and available filtering options that increase your chances of spotting the horses to back or lay in play, and giving you more time to react.

Which is what the software is all about, providing an edge to your betting in running.

I'll have to split my time over the weeks ahead recording live and development videos, as I can't show what's in dev obviously as some it of it won't even make it to the final cut.

I can do this along side live betting using the members platform.

There are some features in there I'm genuinely excited to have included, and I really hope they do make it to the live version.

As soon as I'm allowed to divulge more about these I will certainly share it here in more detail, giving video examples of what I've been using as it's being readied for release, which is another reason I'm testing these new features to help people hit the ground running once they are available.


I'm taking names if you're interested in me live in play betting for you, completely automated using Cloud Bet Bot.

This will also include some regular Zoom type catch ups for any member interested in going over a day live with me, but the main crux of it is to provide a fully automated service for a small number of members that I can effectively copy bet using Cloud Bet Bot for programming, data, and the live automation.

Over the next two to three months I'll begin publishing consistent results in play betting, and from there I'll assess how many members I could replicate this for without ditching the markets available money.

If this is something you could be interested in send me a quick email with the words In Play Cloud Bet Bot included in the message, and you can leave the rest to me as I'll be in touch prior to making it available and let you know how to get involved.

This will definitely be kept to max level of members for the obvious reason it's mostly in play and will have the same bets going on at once.

If it does spark your interest drop me an email using the email above and I'll add you to the upcoming member list.

It would have to be a one in out situation as places will be limited.

Quite an exclusive little club for those who want to benefit from in play betting but either haven't got the time at the PC available or don't enjoy the process of reacting to the triggers during a live race.

It will be fully automated, but unlike the Betting Strategies available at Exponential Bet that are programmed and place all the bets on auto pilot to a strict criteria of rules, the In Play bets will be manually placed by myself to your Cloud Bet Bot account.

This always means you're in complete control of your staking and the features within the betting bot.

The betting diary when I'm there at my desk placing bets will be confirmed each day with a list of the meetings I'm looking at for opportunities.

This could be useful if you're interested in following the racing live and seeing any applicable bets go on in running.

It won't be every day of the week as I have other responsibilities, but enough to make a long term consistent profit. The amount will depend on how much you decide to stake within the bot as that will always be in your control.

This is something we're working on at the moment and I'd expect will become available around July to August.

I mentioned Pre Race Trading above, and I will definitely allot a few days each month to record new content for this, adding more instructions both to the free guide and as additional service options.

Now I'm feeling a lot better health wise I've had an injection of energy to finish projects that have the potential to really click with members, and fill a gap in the market nobody else is covering for us all to profit from.

With the introduction of Place Betting to boost the automated portfolio and in fact complete it, I know these services will continue to be a huge success over the years ahead.

All the services each have the potential to do very well when looking at them with a long term view. They will annually consistently return an overall profit.

The automated pre programmed betting with these is now set in place and just requires trend analysis changes when things move in the industry.

Such as rule changes, jockey or trainer retirements, specific changes to courses or surfaces, along with the actual competitions that run over a full season of racing, as that is the key word here, seasonal.

The sport does move with the seasons and as such the only things that need to move with that are as explained above as the actual selection processes themselves will remain the same, which means we can build consistent data models, which equates to solid foundations and continual gradual improvement on our betting performance.

I do sound like a broken record with this sometimes, but it's important to realise the automated betting strategies are still in their infancy, and I predict that each one of them regardless of whether they are presently doing very well or having a dip at this moment in time will over the immediate years ahead make a decent return on our investment.

They are programmed beyond making a profit each day or month, and set up to return significant sums of money over the years.

Each member set up to run them this way we will do very well and make a good profit.

Not a single service will be left behind and each of the active betting strategies will as mentioned have trend analysis updates, not strategy overhauls, just important updates based on industry changes and accumulated data from our usage.

Anyway, quite a lot covered in this long news post so I'll call it a day for now.

I'll be back next week firstly with the Place Betting page published covering all the options and results to date.

Then near the end of the week I'll split my development testing with live betting so I can record and share more progress with Bet Mover, which I'll then upload to the Toolbox and You Tube.

I'll also add some recent betting and strategy testing with Bet Mover I recorded over a week ago that's hit and miss, but it could be useful for anyone looking at the same ideas. That will be online mid to end of the week.

I promised I'd share all my progress using the live version of BM and I will always continue with this as I chart the ups and downs along the way.

Place Betting will then be available as stated from Saturday so I'll email again on Friday evening to announce this as being a new live automated service.

If you are interested in the automated in play bets placed by your truly a few days a week, then do register your interest using the email above and I'll make sure you're added to the member list.

Once we've made giant strides toward having this working and tested with Cloud Bet Bot you'll then be the first to know.

Finally, tonight's results for all the automated services will be published by 8pm.

I'm also writing a result focused blog covering all the automated services looking at the month by month performance in more detail.

I'll highlight some key areas for the existing strategies to take in to account, and include the upcoming Place Strats based on the bet data I have so far.

I may have this posted later this evening, but if not it will likely be Tuesday at the latest, but I'll drop you an email to give it a look.

It's something I do anyway assessing the month by month data, but I think it's definitely worth sharing.

Thank you for reading.


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