Subscriptions, Capping Memberships, & My Service Schedule

If you're waiting for a new Exponential Bet services to be released such as the JV System, or an existing one to be re introduced using Cloud Bet Bot such as Auto Dutch, or even the Trade Guide V5 with Hedger Pro, I give firm ETA's in this post.

As we enter a new phase of our developments, introducing services that will skyrocket your investments, with the added benefit of kicking the existing ones up the arse to achieve a lot more, it's important we do this in a transparent and accessible way.

It's something I've wanted for a long while to have more of a community, not be a faceless business, but instead to have the immediacy of interaction with members. This benefits both members and myself, and cuts down on time to create content, as most things can be done live, recorded, and published.

Exponential Bet isn't a corporate site, it's a very personal project I set up to share my journey to early retirement with members.

I've mentioned before that I'll begin adding more You Tube content which is on the cards soon, and also interactive Zoom sessions, which will bridge this gap and it's something I will personally enjoy.

Spending an afternoon live trading for example using Zoom (which is a shared screen application) showing my selection process right through to closing profitable trades, this I feel will be popular with a lot of members.

Alternatively, working through Hedger Pro explaining the set up, what each shortlist criteria means when setting it up for the days racing, how to apply the data from Focus Ratings to get the most from it, and then giving a live P&L round up.

These are changes to my working day I am very keen to introduce asap, and feel it will move Exponential Bet in the right direction for all involved.

Now to the agenda of today's post.

Subscriptions, Capping Memberships, & My Service Schedule

Recently I removed all my subscription options from the site for each service apart from Dutch Betting.