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Subscriptions, Capping Memberships, & My Service Schedule

If you're waiting for a new Exponential Bet services to be released such as the JV System, or an existing one to be re introduced using Cloud Bet Bot such as Auto Dutch, or even the Trade Guide V5 with Hedger Pro, I give firm ETA's in this post.

As we enter a new phase of our developments, introducing services that will skyrocket your investments, with the added benefit of kicking the existing ones up the arse to achieve a lot more, it's important we do this in a transparent and accessible way.

It's something I've wanted for a long while to have more of a community, not be a faceless business, but instead to have the immediacy of interaction with members. This benefits both members and myself, and cuts down on time to create content, as most things can be done live, recorded, and published.

Exponential Bet isn't a corporate site, it's a very personal project I set up to share my journey to early retirement with members.

I've mentioned before that I'll begin adding more You Tube content which is on the cards soon, and also interactive Zoom sessions, which will bridge this gap and it's something I will personally enjoy.

Spending an afternoon live trading for example using Zoom (which is a shared screen application) showing my selection process right through to closing profitable trades, this I feel will be popular with a lot of members.

Alternatively, working through Hedger Pro explaining the set up, what each shortlist criteria means when setting it up for the days racing, how to apply the data from Focus Ratings to get the most from it, and then giving a live P&L round up.

These are changes to my working day I am very keen to introduce asap, and feel it will move Exponential Bet in the right direction for all involved.

Now to the agenda of today's post.

Subscriptions, Capping Memberships, & My Service Schedule

Recently I removed all my subscription options from the site for each service apart from Dutch Betting.

This means that new subscribers visiting the site could no longer sign up for memberships other than Dutch Betting.

I did this for a few reasons, but primarily during the transition phase switching from Expo Bot to running everything automated using Cloud Bet Bot, and Hedger Pro to run the Trade Guide V5.

I did not want anymore sign ups during this period, as I want new members to join with the final versions in place, as once these are released they will be exactly that.

Part of the reason things get delayed is down to the fact unpredictable things just happen, I mean that's life. Out the blue Betfair decided to announce the decommissioning of the BSP Multiple section of the site, which cut my Dutch service in half removing the One Dutch as a result.

This happened literally the week after I set up that service as the only available option.

Not ideal timing, also the BSP service was very popular with members as it could handle unlimited memberships, and was building a consistent balance growth. It's a shame to see the BSP Multiples be decommissioned.

Long story short, this left me with one active service available to subscribe, Remote Dutch Betting, which I've already scheduled to remove from sale at the end of September.

This is because we're near capacity under the current set up for Remote Dutching, so to protect the current membership getting their bets matched given the type of bet being placed, which involves betting across multiple selections in each race, limiting this is inevitable.

This will be reviewed regularly each month, and new members invited to join providing enough liquidity is there.

Given the service runs with Cloud Bet Bot we can see this information based on the market volumes, and member bet stakes.

We're also looking at a new staking system for Remote Dutching, which will lower exposure for bet while maintaining the win rate, and this will open up scope for more members to be included.

From next week Remote Dutch Betting will have more daily bets placed, with the average increasing to three per day. Which has come at exactly the right moment at approx six weeks since the service launched officially.

We had our first loss from 17 bets on Saturday, so with the increase in bet volume it will give me a chance to demonstrate the intended recovery rate for losing bets. Obviously not done intentionally, as I want to win every bet, but given the bets are increasing it happened at a good time for me to show the speed of return for the lost amount.

Obviously the aim is to maintain a high strike rate and achieve the 150% total annual growth as quickly as possible, but we will have the occasional loss, and with the higher bet bet volume this will create both increased profits, but faster loss recovery without increasing stakes to achieve this.

After an initial bedding in period taking Remote Dutch Betting, I'm ready for the new challenge with much more betting activity. Pushing on for target to give members what we set out from the start is my primary focus now.

At the end of September this service will cap its membership, so if you're interested in signing up bear in mind that next week is your last chance without an invite.

This will give me the space to really develop the service for existing members. I could leave new memberships open, and bring in another couple of hundred members for subscription fee's if that's all I was interested in, it would be very easy.

I have absolutely no interest in this, and only want to produce quality services, so the remainder of this year is about bringing everything together with new services, existing, and paused to move to the Cloud and Hedger Pro.

With Remote Dutch Betting limited at the end of the month, and nothing else available to subscribe at Exponential Bet from the 1st October, what's in the pipeline, how will they be introduced, and will they also be capped...

What's coming in October and on-wards:

  • Auto Dutch - October re introduction with Cloud Bet Bot, and moved out of BETA. Available to sign up for new members.

  • JV System - October behind closed doors release to pre registered members only, with limited memberships by invitation.

  • The Trade Guide V5 - October Update, and will be available to subscribe on site. This will also be included as a module within Hedger Pro on selected memberships.

  • Re introduce multi subscription plans in October.

  • October / November introduce the Hedger Pro modules and member video archive detailing the entire platform. Giving instructions, and systems that can be applied.

  • Kick off my weekly You Tube channel, and introduce regular Zoom sessions for members - November, and available for everyone.

  • In Play - December re introduction with Cloud Bet Bot, and moved out of BETA. Available to subscribe.

  • Remote Trading for Horse Racing & Football - January / February 2020. Available to subscribe.

  • Auto Football - January 2020 re introduction with a cloud based set up being created bespoke, new staking, and bet process. Available to subscribe.

Next month as you can see will be busy for me, with the ground work I've been putting in being brought to final production.

What I can't show in this list are the other systems we're looking at with the System Creator Tool by Nigel, and my progress with Trade On Sports, along with any other platform I'm planning to feed in to my blog.

I'm bound to have forgotten something above, which I'll include in my next post.


The changes I decided to implement when withdrawing Expo Bot, and looking at each service how it could be improved either as a system, or the platform it utilized, were not for the good of my wallet that's the absolute truth. These decisions I took solely for the benefit of the members.

Not necessarily the most popular decision at the time for members, or some of my partners, but I stand by this as I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve. 'A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus', Martin Luther King.

Members who are currently on One Subscription plans, or any special all inclusive option, you will have a lot more added to your membership, but more important than this, the services you will be running will exceed all previous profits and make up for any downtime during the introduction period. I will make sure you're looking after for your patience.

I want to write a lot more, and go in to detail about the new System Creator Tool, what's included with the new developments, the data construction processes, and get your excited about the potential 1000%+ annual balance growth numbers we're looking at hitting, but I'm shattered today.

It's been a tough day at the ranch with one of my dogs not doing well, and I'm still on antibiotics after my hurricane holiday. I need a holiday from taking a holiday, and won't be planning any flights abroad for a while. However, I wrote earlier this week I'd post today with more news, and wanted to get this overview online as promised.

I'll blog again next week with more info about the Trade Guide V5, as I aim to begin piecing together the next V5 update now, and want to cover what will be involved.



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