RDB Dutch Betting

It's time for some good news regarding RDB Dutch, but also a reality check on where we are today with this fixed liability lay betting system.

The Facts

Let's start with an ice bath, and the fact RDB Dutch year to date is just at break even with 0.02 points.

Dutch Betting

This is depending on when you started of course, and if you've used different stake amounts, but from the 12/1/20 we've basically gone full circle.

The predicted growth based on development phase and initial progress over a 12 month timeline was +100 points, and considering the early success this looked achievable.

Lots of bets placed, and a strong recovery rate on losses to push the balance the right way. You can see this in January's numbers available on site.

After a difficult month from 17th Feb to 16th March, which basically started bad but recovered very well to break even, things looked promising showing resilience to bounce back, but then lockdown happened!

Restarting the service with the new race card has taken a lot more adjustment than the other two automated services JV MK2 and RDB Straight.

Being a fixed liability lay betting strategy requires a high strike rate, and this needs to be ideally be above 90% considering the current average lay odds of 7.57.

At the moment we're 85.29%, which is enough as we know to just about break even so far, but we're not running this to just make enough to get our money back we want to make a profit.