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In Play Bet Examples 9th & 10th February


I've posted a short video below showing two in play bet examples placed using Bet Mover.

If you're not familiar with the software you can find out more and watch some of my previous videos here:

In the first race I use the par information to help establish the feasibility of the lay bet, but mostly the video stream flagging the opportunity to profit.

The second race was all based on Bet Mover metrics, and the lay bet was profitable with the horse finishing back in third.

I hope you find it interesting and possibly useful. I'll upload a lot more BM in play bets over the coming weeks as I gradually catch up with editing my activity using the software.

I did attend Southwell last night for the TPD Betfair event, and was lucky enough to meet some of my website members.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet all of you. I wish I'd taken more photo's and spent more time with everyone, but the evening whizzed past in the blink of an eye, and before I knew it I was on the long haul home.

I'll post a proper news blog later this week covering the Automated Strategies as promised.

Thanks again


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